Nanny service and it’s duty & Nanny Agency and it’s benefits

With the rise in nanny services, the collateral advantage of it which has led to the flourishing of nanny agencies. Know about what nanny service is, what does nanny agencies do and what benefits do they offer to both the applicants (nanny) and clients (parents)?

Role of Nanny

Nanny is a female servant or maid who takes care of the child, in the absence of parents or when parents are occupied in their work, in the domestic safe environment of the family.

Nanny Service is not a new age phenomenon. This kind of service was present since centuries ago. In British India, different nomenclature was used like Nurse, Governess. Presently, in the native languages they are called ‘aayi’, ‘aayah’, ‘daayi’, etc.

With the growing percentage of new age couples, employed in the working sector, there is ever growing need for nanny. Long gone are the days, when the responsibility of the child only belonged to the mothers. Due to the changing needs of the changing world, these services are flourishing so well that there is sound amount of percentage of women who are making a career out of it. Nanny career is on the rise with each passing day because with both working parent, there is lack of time with parents to take care of their kids. It becomes a lot more difficult and challenging to manage both family and career. Parents willingly offer a good pay, accommodation arrangements and give additional benefits. This satisfies both, the parent and nanny. With the incredibly vast opportunities and successful outcomes, individual opting nanny career as a long-term business option is a fair deal to make.

The work day of nanny is exactly like a home staying mother who performs all task related to the child and taking care of child in every way required. Like bathing, cleaning, meals, transporting children from home to school , vice versa ,helping in home work and other extra-curricular activities. Anyone who finds it alluring can take up nanny career profession.

A wise individual will definitely trim one’s  sails to the prevailing wind and will choose nanny career as profession given that she is eligible and possess necessary skills to pursue nanny career.

Job Description

Although, there are no standard or set job description and requirements for nanny services as the specifications and the kind of work nanny is expected to do varies with the requirements of the family concerned.

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But, there are some basic skills which they are expected to possess.  As a nanny, she has to have characteristics like kindness, gentle, loving, caring and experience of dealing with children. Nanny can’t lose her temper and can’t act in frustration. She should know how to come up with gentle ways while encountered with child’s tantrums. Besides, these qualities there are set of skills in which she should be skilled enough. This includes:

Organizing Skills

Nanny should be able to make the place conducive to the safe and secure house environment. Out of curiosity, kids are likely to climb, drop, lick and reach out to things which are unknown and harmful. Nanny should make sure child’s safety. Nanny is expected to organize bedroom and toys of kids. A light housekeeping comes under her purview of work.

Teaching skills

It is important that a child is taught about his or her personal hygiene at an early stage because these are the traits which are going to be with them for the rest of their life. Nanny should be particular about teaching things like brushing twice a day, washing hands before and after eating, give toilet training, bathing, cleaning, etc.

Authoritative skills

Despite being kind and generous, nanny should have commanding abilities because it is difficult to make kids do things like eating and finishing the meal completely , brushing, avoiding watching TV, etc.

First Aid and CPR skill

She should be readily available and equipped with dealing with uncertain circumstances. By being First Aid and CPR certified.

Being friendly and socially interactive will help child in improving language skills and will be express his feelings and emotions well. She should be active in taking the kids for outdoor and indoor games. This helps improving the motor skills, physical growth and in sync with the outer world.

All these things are expected of a nanny. As per the demand of parents, the work of nanny is tailored. They can ask nanny to do some additional work like grocery, laundry, light housekeeping work.

Nanny Agency

Finding a trustworthy and reliable nanny for your child seems a difficult task. But it isn’t anymore. To find a best match of nanny who meets the requirement of the family is the task of Nanny Agency.

Are you a prospective applicant for talking up nanny career?  If, yes then register now.

Register yourself with the nanny agencies for free and get referred to clients, that is, parent through nanny agency. It makes it easier for the prospective applicants to find ‘nanny job near me’ by registering them with the nanny agencies. It provides a lot many benefits to the parents.

Nanny employment agency introduces nanny to the parents. Things would have been a lot more difficult without these nanny agencies. It would have taken a lot much time and efforts in interviewing nannies personally and still not getting the right fit for your child. Nanny employment agency cuts down upon the work which you would be doing otherwise and instead provide high quality services.

They perform work like sourcing applicants, runs a personal background verification check. Their qualifications, accredited First Aid and CPR certification, check criminal record details, verify the references, and interview the applicants to know about their moral and ethical character, their previous work experience after all this. These agencies are experienced enough to make the best out of interview process.

They finally take up task of matching the best nanny meeting your family requirements. Afterwards, nanny agencies coordinate the trail date and time as per the time availability of parents. They also provide family with the interview kit to help you interview prospective nanny candidate.

They also help in bringing about negotiating salary, conditions, working duration, insurance cover and informs about tax obligations. This helps in preventing future conflicts between the applicant and client ensuring both nanny and family are satisfied.