Top 7 Nanny Responsibilities to Take Care of Your Child

What are Nanny Responsibilities?

Nanny duties and responsibilities are much more assiduous in carrying out each and every task. But Couples transiting to the stage of Parenthood is the happiest moment but at the same time life-changing experience of their lives. New parent has a lot of challenges to face that comes handy with parenthood.

In particular New-age parents face difficulties in tackling their personal and professional lives. Their career is as much a priority for them as much as their family lives. With the dual-income couple, financial stability has improved but an equally important task is to provide the primary care to their kid.

For these new parents look with the hopes towards the trusted nanny agency. The responsibility of kids is a laborious task and highly demanding. In order to deal with both the lives, parents give the responsibility of their most prized possession, that is, their kid to the nanny. Parents want to do their utmost in providing the proper conditioning of their child.

Early years are the foundational years for a child so parents desire to have a nanny who is committed enough, with a great sense of responsibilities as an initial caregiver. New parents are unaware of what comprises nanny responsibilities.

They don’t know about how much salary to be given, for how much hours will the child be taken care of by nanny, what are the tasks will she be doing, etc.

They should contact nanny agencies for proper details. It also happens that at times even the nannies are new to the business, they also don’t know what are nanny duties. They can become a part of the workshop organized by the nanny agencies and get proper training lessons

It is true that there are no standard criteria set for the nanny responsibilities list as it is not the same for everyone. The kind of job and nanny’s task will vary according to the requirements of the different family needs.  But there is a basic structure which remains more or less the same.

The basic duties of a nanny are to take care of the child and provide him with all the necessary things when the parents are occupied by their professional or personal work.  In short, Nanny duties is the caretaker of the child.

Top 6 Nanny Responsibilities List

1. Creating Child Care Atmosphere at home

Child Care and pampering

This is important as the children are unaware of the impact on things around them. They try to explore as their curiosity guides them. They move here and there, put anything in their mouth, try to climb and hide.

A child doesn’t understand your “Don’t” that easily. So you have to deal with the child by thinking like a child. Create a child-safe environment where they can play and roam freely. This can be easily created by thinking like a child, keep those things away that are likely to cause mishaps.

Provide kids with toys according to their age and interest to keep them occupied. This is one of the nanny tasks.

2. Maintaining Personal Hygiene of the Child

Maintaining the personal hygiene of a child is one of the most important things in nanny duties. Promoting good hygiene does a lot more than just keeping the child away from illness and infection.

Things like bathing, hand-wash, hair care, clean nails, oral hygiene, and food hygiene include good personal hygiene. They should be taught and encouraged for brushing their teeth daily, washing hands before and after eating, no to eat anything off the floor, washing hands after using the toilet, cutting nails regularly as the nail beds provide a perfect environment for the germs breeding, maintaining a manageable length of hair, this will reduce the risk of bits.

Teaching these good habits will influence their behavioral pattern towards personal hygiene and these habits are going to accompany them for the rest of their lives. Maintaining hygiene helps to prevent a child from falling ill and promote general health.

These are the duties of the nanny. Changing diapers and giving toilet training and laundry services are also the task among nanny duties list.

3. Health Care

One of the nanny duties includes taking care of the child if he or she is unwell by giving extra attention and proper medications as prescribed by the doctors.

4. Educational and Recreational Activities

Read to them stories with moral lessons to develop their sense of wrong and right. Kids love creative things, they love scribbling with colored crayons on pages, walls, and doors. These activities have an enormous impact on a child’s development.

They explore drawing, painting and art help in developing their spatial reasoning skills and motor skills. They are able to imagine objects and figures and help in preparing them for the future understanding of subjects.

Art and craft activities boost their confidence and will engage them in talking about their creation thus boosting language skills. Art helps to communicate their feelings through their artwork. Engaging them in such activities is the duties of a nanny.

5. Nutritional Fulfillment


A substantial amount of nutrition is important for child health and development. Growing a child’s nutritional requirements keeps on changing. So, it is one of the important jobs in the nanny duties list.

A properly balanced diet should include main nutrients like vitamins, fat, protein, fiber, minerals and carbohydrates. It helps in the overall growth of the body. Also having a nutritional diet means being less prone to falling to diseases.

This provides energy to the child to play and perform various activities and maintains tissue growth. It is significant to ensure that the child’s nutritional requirements are met. Hence it is an important task in the nanny responsibilities list.

6. Indoor and Outdoor Games

Don’t encourage the child to watch cartoons on TV, mobile phone and video games. This should be clearly instructed to the nanny not to involve in such passive activities. Make time arrangements for outdoor and indoor games.

Playing outdoor will the group of kids develop in children the team works and the ability to cop up with winning and losing. As they get used to such circumstantial outcomes then they won’t face trouble facing such unwanted circumstantial outcomes.

They will be able to do things better in the future. Also, encourage them to play indoor games like cards and puzzles this will improve their mental skills. In this way, their mind will be put to use and will develop gradually.

This the nanny’s responsibility to encourage the child to involve in such activities.

7. Carrying out household chores

This involves the tasks of running household errands like buying groceries, organizing the room and toys of kids, maintaining a child’s laundry, making the child’s food and keeping the house clean and organized.

Above mentioned work comprise the basic structure of the nanny responsibilities list. Because the nanny duties are a lot more than just these. Nanny should be morally and ethically correct in her conduct. Nanny should be honest, responsible, genuine and dependable. She should also have interpersonal skills.

Nanny responsibilities include dealing with the parents, communicating with them, keeping them updated about their child development. She should be understanding enough to understand the sensitivities of the parents and keeping those sensitivities in mind, has to work, accommodate and modify the way of her working according to the parent’s requirements

This is not a business option only for money. It is like being a second mother. If you have in yourself the abilities in the above-stated nanny responsibilities list then this is your zone. This will satisfy you both mentally and financially.

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