Child Care Provider: Nanny v/s Babysitter

What is best for your child, Nanny vs Babysitter? The perfect answer is the option that meets your family needs in the best possible manner. You can easily decide upon this by have a clear picture in your mind. For this, you need to know, what does a nanny do and what does Babysitter do and differences in their responsibilities.

Child care is the supervision and Care of child or children. Childcare involves the action of looking after children by crèche, day care centres, nannies, babysitter, teacher other care providers. There is an overwhelming variety of child care provider choices available when you are looking for nanny vs babysitter.

The advantage of having these many options is that whether you need a full time care or a part time care facility, do you have financial limitations or not, there is always a childcare provider  readily available who meet your requirements.

Despite the advantage of having variety of choices available to choose from, this makes it equally confusing to choose the best option for your child. Question like “what is best choice for your child” nanny vs babysitter? popped up in your mind. To figure out answer of this question one should know the actual similarities and differences between them? After analyzing the differences and knowing what does a nanny do and difference between nanny and babysitter one can easily make a choice between nanny vs babysitter.

Here we are going to discuss about the difference between nanny and babysitter.

Let us start from the basics.

What is a Nanny?

Nanny is a stay-at-home child care provider, invariably females and it is an answer for
what do nannies do?. A stay-at-home nanny babysitter is suitable for the single parents or working couples who remain busy for personal or professional reasons. Normally, a nanny is responsible for the overall tasks related to children of their employer. If it’s a full-time nanny then she is available 24 hours a day, and normally 5 days a week.

Part-time services are also available depending upon the suitability of hours of the employees. Stay-at home nanny services are easily available and their demand is huge because for parents’ live-in nanny offers care in the child’s home environment and for nannies is provide flexibility of operation as they live at their work place. Women from an age bracket of 20-60 can take up the job of nannies.

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There is no mandatory requirement of formal education for becoming a nanny. You can personally conduct interviews of Nannies if you want or else hire an agency to get the perfect match for the family. At these nanny service agency, you will get a detailed account of what is a nanny, what do nanny do, get their background checked, contracts, etc. Those parent who want highly experienced and qualification accredited nanny can also get the nanny of their choice by contacting a nanny service agency.

A nanny work more dedicatedly toward the overall development of the child. It is the nanny who plays a major role in the physical, mental and psychological growth of a child. Nanny has to invest a lot much of time, energy, efforts and emotions in comparison to a babysitter nanny. The duties and responsibilities of nannies are vast. They perform so many tasks that is not incorrect to called them co parent.

What is a nanny? A nanny is the authority figure in the absence of parents. They become an integral part of the family. Sometimes, children get emotionally attached to their nannies more as compared to their parents and they don’t ask questions such as what do nannies do. Responsibilities of nanny include creating a secure and safe in-house environment. Making necessary changes in the setting of the house to make the place secure given that a child is a free spirit.

A nanny has to see things from a child’s prospective, thus ensuring safety of a child. Setting the schedule of the day, proper timely planned nutritional filled meal is the responsibility of nanny. Making children learn good hygiene habits like oral hygiene – brushing teeth, washing hands, bathing, keeping themselves clean, proper hair-do and other habits like finishing the complete meal, toilet training, putting restrictions on watching TV and video games, and instead encourage them to play outdoors and indoor games like puzzle, art and craft, etc falls under the work area of a nanny.

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Besides being gentle and kind towards kids, she should possess commanding skills to make sure children perform the required tasks. It’s her responsibility to assist child in their homework. She performs the work of coordinator between the parents and children as she report to the parents about their child’s development and modify her way of work as per the requirement and value system of the family. In addition, she may be ask to run household chores, laundering, housekeeping,  grocery shopping, cooking, transporting kids to school and way back home,etc.

They are many types of nannies like live-in nanny, live-out nanny, part-time nanny, full-time nanny, etc. They differ on the basis of the work hour and the the requirement of parents. Normally a full-time nanny is a live-in nanny and part-time nanny, a live-out nanny.

Salary of a nanny is decided upon by negotiating the terms and conditions of both the employer and employee.

What is a babysitter and their duties and responsibilities?

A babysitter is partly not fully similar to nanny. A baby sitter takes care of the child temporarily in the absence of parents or while they are busy with other work. They performs supervisory role.

They undertake the task of supervision of children of all age group. Not like a full time nanny babysitter is a part -time job. They are required to take care of the child for some specific duration of time of a day like taking care of child from 9am-2pm or on some special occasions. Babysitter should possess commanding abilities to get work done. In this time period , they makes the children perform various activities like drawing, painting, recreational activities like art and craft.

These activities set their brains at work and they develop various skills like enhance creativity, motor skills, are able express their emotions and improves communication skills while presenting their art. Babysitter organizes children their outdoor activities and helping them in their homework.

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They maintain certain decorum of a student-teacher work culture. They have the ability to shape view, of children, young teens of varying age, about various things on their varying learning stage. Other household errand doesn’t fall under their work area. There are specified task which they perform and are paid for it. Only if agreed upon, some babysitter may takes up some additional work like cooking, housekeeping, dish-washing, taking children to school and bringing them back, etc.

They are fully responsible and accountable for the safety and security of the children till the children are in their custody.

Babysitter nannies are paid on hourly basis. There is certain criterion for deciding the payment of babysitter. They are paid keeping in mind the hours of job performed. The payment is decided by the ongoing rates in the market .The pay of babysitter nanny is also determined by the experience they have, they earn a step increase for their experience. Do you want a babysitter who has specialised qualification accreditation or a bachelor’s degree?  All these are taken into account before deciding their pay roll.

A work agreement is signed upon by the stakeholders dealing with the salary, tax obligations, additional activities, compensation and benefits. The agreement should state about the unforeseen changes leading to the change of pact like increase in number of hours, increase in number of children to be supervised, additional duties to be performed and accordingly salary adjustment can be taken into consideration.

This is all that you need to know about the nanny services and babysitter job.  After analyzing both the child care provider service, you can opt for the better option meeting your family needs.