Easy Step to Start Your Own Nanny Agency

The goal of the new generation couple is not only to get married and have a child but there are several other important priorities for them the fact that everything has become very expensive and these are the people who do not want to give up on their luxuries and comfortable life.

Today there are rising Dual income couples. There are advantages to being a dual-income couple. They provide financial stability, a better future for their offspring, a healthy and better life.

Besides advantages, it has a bundle of issues to deal with.

One of them is managing the responsibility of offspring. With both parents working implies less time for a kid.  And the partner who is carrier-oriented, have a life beyond domestic space. So the conflict is not about choosing a career or family but it is about who will sacrifice how much in order to have a successfully working family.

They face the problem of time crunch. Nanny Business has come as a savior in these parents’ life. Every parent wants their child to be taken care of really well in their own home atmosphere for that they are willing to pay handsome money.

It becomes all the more important for working parents to find a nanny. Nanny business is trending in the 21st century and offers a profitable business.

Parents don’t want to compromise on their child’s security so they often look at nanny business agency which can provide imperative services of screening, interviewing the eligible candidates and selecting a perfect one. You can also start a nanny business.  Interesting in starting a nanny agency? Want to know How to start a nanny business? No worries, I will help you out.

Firstly, before jumping into it make sure “is this business right for you?” because this is a business not only for profit. If profit is the only motive then don’t just dive into it. Starting a nanny agency is much more than that. It involves your interaction with parent’s emotions, sensitivities, and concerns as this deals with their child care, their development, foundational years of their child which will shape their identity.

You need to deal with the physiologically of parents and has to undergo research. Interpersonal skills are must be socially interactive, good at dealing with parental concerns and requirements then nanny business will sail you through this business venture smoothly.

How to start a nanny business?

This involves multiple tasks. The first is to have a clear plan for business.  

If you are new in the business and want to know how to start a nanny agency then you should consult and get advice from a small business advisor. Get information about operational costs, management skills required, license required, insurance cover, fee charges, etc.

You should know about the investment cost involved, is to choose whether you want to start it from an office space or to begin it online.Much of the work is done online so one can avoid the physical infrastructure costs. Then you will need the basic tools, to begin with, that is a computer, your online site, Standard office supplies, and a phone.

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Before beginning a nanny business, get the license for running it, ensuring that the business is complying with the rules and regulations while managing its business activities, laws related to employees like hiring rules, pay, benefits, safety, etc and the responsibility of services provided to the customers are In short make it a legal entity.

By doing so, it reduces your risks of penalties, lawsuits, and shutdown of the business. Following rules helps you in improved business operation. By complying, you will be able to have a good market image and you can mention this on your marketing material on your website. You will be able to have good public relations and good goodwill which is the important requirement for starting a nanny agency.

  • Record your financial performance by maintaining accounts. Know the exact expenses and revenue.
  • File you taxes on time
  • Get your business insured. It is a must for dealing with any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Make your business available online. This will provide information about your services to as many people as possible.

These all are the tasks required to be performed welcome while starting a nanny agency. The most crucial and the most important work in starting a nanny agency is to get the prospective nanny agency on the table for these you have to undertake the following work:

  • Attract potential nannies
  • Advertise about the requirements of nannies in the newspaper, take help from the recruitment firms, put it on your website. To attract a sound number, it important that you offer them a good business environment. Make them feel that they are not only offered a job but several other benefits and compensations. This will not only provide a wider pool of nanny but a hardworking lot who will be more than willing to become a part of such a business venture.
  • Background verification

It is very important to know the background of domestic help. Nannies will become part of the family of those who want to hire them partly or fully needs to be assured of the character of the domestic help. These nannies are going to work in close proximity with the families who have entrusted you (nanny business agency) with the task of getting a trustworthy, true to the job prospective worker. It has become all the more important given the rising cases of domestic help being involved in criminal activities.

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Run a background check. But it is important to run the background check after the applicants give authorization in writing.

Verify the residential address along with the Identity proofs like Aadhar card or voter ID card. And keep a copy of the proof and photo also with yourself. Verification of the residential address can be done by visiting personally and asking the locals about the same. If the police station offers verification services then there is nothing better than that. All you need to do is to submit the application form to your police station and get the best verification done.

You can conduct an online search also or this work can be delegated to various trustworthy companies. There are many companies that provide the background check of prospective employees. These companies are dedicated to working in providing their residential information, any past criminal record, etc.

The safety and security of a child are completely the responsibility of your nanny agency. Any fault will only land up in ruining your reputation thereby damaging your future business prospects. Don’t rely on anyone’s reference. Get the reference verification means to ask about the domestic help from the previous employer providing the true and impartial account of the performance and behavior.

In starting a nanny agency, this plays a very crucial role. This verification is important in preventing future criminal acts to some extent. This is a time-consuming task but an absolutely important stage that can make or break your nanny business.

  • Interview

The interview is important in order to figure out the personality trait of the applicant you are going to suggest for the nanny job to a family. Make sure you are employing an applicant who is morally and ethically sound. Know whether they are good at dealing with a child, do they have experience in child care service.

While conducting the interview it is important to know how the worker or domestic help will react in different situations. The main motive behind this is to know and understand the personality and how good are they with dealing with things. Because these are the things they are going to deal with when they will be performing their jobs.

These are the things which can’t be learned by them by training as these are the things which are inbuilt, have formed a shame and have become a part of their personality.  Know about the work experience, are they qualified or trained.

Try to know about their previous work experience and how they managed things there. Other discussions like the important rules which are to follow, will get a partly duty or full-time job, expected pay, food allowances will be given or not and will be provided with a place to sleep or not.

The applicant might have some questions concerning the job, give them an opportunity to speak up and understand things well.

While deciding upon the salary of the nanny employed, consider your margin or commission to operate successfully at the same time make sure that applicant demands are fulfilled and the families who are the ultimate clients get a nanny at a feasible cost.

The salary is given by the family seeking nanny depending upon the services demanded like some may want a trained nanny for a full-time service will be charged higher as compared to the partly employed nanny.

  • Maintain a database recording all the information about the nannies in one place. This makes management easy. It is easier to find the best suitable nanny according to the requirements of the clients. This makes the search easier.
  • After the completion of recruiting for your nanny business. Make it public by advertising about your services in the local newspapers, various online platforms.  Besides this, put this up on your website giving detailed information about the expected salary, work hour and about the quality services provided like qualified, trained or experienced and screened nannies.
  • Make your nanny business cards available giving the necessary details about nanny business in the market by putting them up on shops around and by distributing them up at public places especially near schools, daycare or crèches.
  • Conduct Researches

In order to keep up the pace with the competitive world, one should conduct regular research not only in starting a nanny agency but also running successfully. Make note of best practices adopted by other successful nanny business.

Research serves as a means to understand various issues. It helps in nurturing their nanny business to their full potential and achieve those targets through various opportunities. The research contributes to encouraging brain exercise, person’s self-awareness, and growth. You will be able to have a wide horizon of knowledge.

Based on the research, you can round up some best marketing practices for the success of the nanny business. These are as follows:

Advertise about your nanny business in local newspapers and online forums.

Make contacts with the local schools, distribute in public places and various shopping stores. These recommendations will be useful.

Organize training workshops for the applicants

Offer nanny training courses to serve your clients professionally trained nannies. This will be another feather in your success. This will create a good reputation in the market.

Offer new parent training classes to deal with their parenthood challenges

Post on your website about the feedback of your happy clients.

Starting a nanny agency has a huge growth potential these days. It is a boon for both the parents and business.  Business Growth opportunities further depend upon the affordability of services and making trustworthy nannies available.