40 Unique Online business Ideas for your New Business: Start Today

Earning and spending money the way one want is a dream for every one and hence, everyone tries to do something which would make them financially independent.

It not only gives you financial security but a feeling of satisfaction. Either you do job or business, one needs sheer patience and hardship to do it.

People who loves to work does not want to stop because of their mere age. They do not want to retire and for people with such determination, we have many and easy online business ideas which would help you people to grow and earn.

In fact, it is surprisingly easy to start a online business from scratch without spending a fortune.

40 Unique Online Business Ideas for Your New Business

#1 Graphic Designer

Graphic Designing

Who does not need someone to make their company’s logos or fliers beautiful. Everyday, thousands of people start their online businesses and even for advertisements they need good advisors and graphic designers. If you can follow customer needs, all you require computer and its application. With them, you can create logos, fliers, magazines, newsletter and what not.

#2 Tax consultant

Every firm irrespective of their income, has to pay taxes. And they love to have accountants to prepare taxes for them. If you know how to complete this work, you could set yourself up as a freelancer. It is one of the best successful online businesses.

#3 Blogger

One who loves to write and is an expert in a specific field, can i have your attention here. If you know how to do something particularly all you need a good camera and writing skills and you can post up online and earn money.

#4 Resume writer

Whether you work in a small company or a big company, the employers need to have a good resume and not everyone can write one. So that when the job of resume writer comes. You can earn by helping people in this way.

#5 Translator

Translating is one of the easiest and profitable job if one knows more than one job. You can earn a good amount.

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#6 Travel consultant

Travel Consultant

Who does not love to travel and people prefer to visit a place which they think will be good enough to spend money on. So that where, travel consultant can help people. They can find the most beautiful and suitable places for people to spend their holidays at. You will enjoy every second of your work and side by side you will earn a good amount.

#7 Wedding planner

You must be familiar with Monica Geller from the American TV show, FRIENDS. If not, then i m advising you to watch it. Jokes apart, there Monica feels like to have a perfect wedding with perfect flowers to perfect table arrangements. And trust me, its not an easy job to arrange everyone the way people aspire to have. Its difficult to make the D-Day special but with great hard work, comes great money. If you love businesses like this then you should try your hand in it.

#8 Event planners

Event and Party Planning

The scope of this business is so large that small scale or large scale functions or events come in it. Either its a marriage or an office function, one requires good taste to get this business done. You can operate online where you offer variety of designs. Thus, it’s one of the best online store ideas.

#9 Foreign language teacher

The easiest way to learn a new language is to mingle with native speakers. And for that one requires a teacher with whom he or she can interact on a continuous basis. Use online communication tools, to connect with learners and manage your teaching sessions and earn money accordingly.

#10 Handmade goods shop

Handmade goods have their own value which can’t be compared with any other product. If you love to make handmade stuffs then you should sell them as well on ebay or amazon. This way you will do something you love and will earn money at the same time.

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#11 Become a private chef

Indians are big foodie and they even love to cook. If you are one of those than its the best suited business for you. There are dozens of opportunities to turn your passion into a decent business venture. You can collaborate with sites like Zomato and Swiggy and while sitting at home you can cook and earn a good amount.

#12 Online Photo Selling

If you love clicking pictures and believe that you are a good photographer, then this is a best suited business for you. You can easily sell your pictures online and earn money.

#13 Meal planning

There are many people who love food but don’t have the correct knowledge. At this point the role of meal planning comes. They can make a diet chart for people with certain characteristics, list of ingredients, recipes and what not.

#14 Travel planning:

People do not prefer to leave anything for last moment. They make sure that if they are leaving their cities either for holiday or some work, they have a nice place to stay at, flights to take, restaurants to eat at and what not. Travel planners can help people and earn money from it.

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#15 Tutoring:

Online learning and tutoring is getting adaptable these days. It is easy to take online classes as students can easily repeat sessions as much as they want. And if you are good in any subject and can make students learn things in a easy way, then you can earn a good amount.

#16 Property Manager:

People these days invest a lot in properties and they need people to manage them. You will be responsible for ensuring that clients’ properties are running smoothly.

#17 Cleaning services:

Cleaning services

These services are easy to get and done. People want to keep their surroundings clean and you can help people in this. This type of service is very common outside India.

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#18 Pet trainer:

Pet Sitting

People love to have pets in their houses but due to working hours and tight schedules they often neglect taking right care of them. At those moments, pet trainers could be of great help and can earn money as well.

#19 Babysitting services

Babysitting may not seem profitable but its not the case. No professional training is required but yes one should know how to handle a child well.

#20 Gardening:

Nurturing is the most toughest job one can do but its the most satisfactory job. Nurturing plants is a 12 months job and caring for them ensures our living as well. So one can think of it.

#21. Personal driver

This is one of the most easiest job if you live in an urban area. People prefer to have drivers to go on their work places and with this, you can start taxi service. And earn a good amount.

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#22. Self-published author

If you love to write then it’s a right business for you. You can publish your writing on websites and earn a good amount.

#23. Nutritionist

People are becoming very conscious of their eating habits. They prefer to eat whats best for them. Being nutritionist, you can help people figure it out. You can easily learn the fundamentals of this profession and start offering personalised nutrition plans online.

#24. Yoga instructor

Yoga instructor

You must have seen Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Setty’s yoga videos. Yoga these days is so trending and people wants to keep them in shape. So just like them you too can start online sessions and earn money.

#25. Makeup artist

Makeup artist earns a lot these days. People who do not know anything about makeup, seeks help from online tutorial and this ways artists can earn money.

#26. Interior Designer

Both houses and Office areas need good designs for their spaces. Having a degree would help to understand the different functions and you need to know your client so that you can make customized settings for them.

#27. Auto repairs

If you have garage and right tools then you can think of doing business in this profession. And if you don’t have garage but have right knowledge of repairing then you can open a mobile auto repair shop where you can travel to the location of the vehicle in need.

#28. Electronic repair services

The most earning business according to me is electronic repair services as in this modern society, each person own at least one electronic gadget and people prefer to get them fixed quickly. And people can earn good amount through this if you have correct knowledge.

#29. Senior hone companion

With age, people need help to do their work and for that they need constant companion. If you love spending time with elders then this might be a good job for you.

#30. Tour guide

Our country India, is very beautiful and tourists find India a place to visit. But with lack of knowledge, they prefer to have a guide with them. If you love to explore and visit different places, you can help the tourists and earn money at the same time.

#31. Hairdressing

Not only women but men today are becoming very experimental with their looks and hair is one such experiment which every one takes. So this become a good business venture to earn money. You can do hair colour, cutting, extensions and what not.

#32. Grocery delivery services:

Grocery shopping is one such shopping which no one can deny or let go of. But we can’t deny the fact that people find it bit irritating to go daily to buy it. At this moment, people who want to earn money can become grocery delivery man.

#33. Landlord:

You don’t need to own a huge building to be a landlord. You can be a landlord even if you have one spare room in your house. Put it on rent and earn money.

#34. Massage Therapist:

You need license to be a therapist but if you have a passion for health related services, you could take the course and could work either from home or could open a clinic. You can earn very well.

#35. Mentoring:

Some people have an understanding which helps them to understand others. So if you are one of those then you can mentor people and earn some amount.

#36. Editing:

Editing work is a difficult job to do but if you love written contents then its the best suited job for you to make money.

#37. Catering:


If you love to cook or serve then its a good job for you to do. It requires management of time and other things but if you are willing to do then you can earn well.

#38. Music teacher:

Teaching piano or guitar lessons out of your house or at your house will give you good amount to earn. If you know how to play any instrument and anyone is interested in learning then bingo, you earned it.

#39. Online stores:

There are many opportunities which didn’t exists 15 years ago but now it’s possible and that’s the business of online stores. You can post up products on websites like ebay or amazon and can sell various things while siting at home.

#40. Phone case business:

There is a huge growing market of phones and its phone covers. People specially women prefer to have variety of phone covers for their phones. If you think you could go with fashion and have a good taste then you can start a business like this.

There are many more ideas which could help you to start a business with. You can try out these and see how it helps you to be self sufficient.