TaskRabbit: A Complete Review of Platform For Flexible Income

Are you looking for some option to earn a side hustle? If yes, then TaskRabbit is one of the finest platforms to use. Various challenging house tasks are to be performed daily, and if someone can offer help against some funds, then it’s a great idea. 

So, to offer you more insights, here is a complete review of TaskRabbit, right from the basic details of the company to what the users think about it. This is going to help you make an informed decision.

So let’s get started.

TaskRabbit Reviews: Know All About It

Although various platforms offer the facility to earn by working or offering basic services, TaskRabbit is definitely one best. So, here is a complete review of the same to help you find the platform’s potential and its legitness. 

What Is TaskRabbit?

Leah Busque founded TaskRabbit as RunMyErrand in 2008. It was designed to be a neighbors-helping-neighbors type of service, and it still strives to maintain that vibe. It adopted its current name, TaskRabbit, in 2010 and was acquired by Ikea in 2017. 

The biggest difference that resulted from the acquisition was the addition of a furniture assembly service. “Whether you need monthly cleanings or assistance assembling furniture, TaskRabbit can connect you with an independent contractor in your area.” according to the website.

TaskRabbit refers to these independent contractors as “Taskers,” While they provide personal knowledge and skill, TaskRabbit does not provide licensed professional services. In crux, TaskRabbit is a platform that connects people who want to do jobs, or tasks, with people who want to pay to have these things done.

How To Become a Tasker?

So, once you are sure about getting registered on the platform to offer your services, it is important to know the right set of steps to be followed are as follows:

1. Sign Up– To join TaskRabbit, first register an account online and then download the Tasker app. It’s free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

become a tasker

2. Create a profile– Select the services you wish to provide and include some information about your experience in that industry. Make sure to include a photograph. According to TaskRabbit, taskers with nice images earn up to nearly twice as much as those without photos.

3. Background check and eligibility– TaskRabbit checks a Tasker’s eligibility on multiple levels. A Tasker must have a Social Security number and be at least 18 years old. They must pass a background check and be able to show licenses or qualifications for jobs if required. Taskers may be required to obtain a business license in several states.

4. Pay registration charges– The registration fee is $25 and is non-refundable. While this may help keep out folks who only want to look around the platform, it also creates a barrier if you’re short on funds. There’s no guarantee you’ll recoup your investment.

5. Set work schedule and area– Now, specify your work schedules and the areas where you are willing to deliver your services. Be sure to mention it clearly as it will allow you to select the best jobs and earn better.

6. Start working– Once you have listed your service, the next step is to move ahead and accept the request. This is the step where you will start working and earn.

7. Get paid– Finally, when you complete the service now, you are ready to get paid and earn the income. 

How Does TaskRabbit Work?

Once you’ve been approved as a Tasker, you can create a profile for as many services as you like. You can also charge a separate fee for each service. Only if you set your profile to “available” will you receive these notifications. 

All communications and money exchanges can take place via the TaskRabbit website or app. Stripe is used to paying taskers. Payment is normally approved within 24 hours of the completion of a task.

How Much Does Tasker Earn?

Taskers are free to set their fees. The service and the location usually determine the average price. The average Tasker earns roughly $35 per hour in the United States and £24 per hour in the United Kingdom. 

Here are some examples of typical assignments and the amount of money that a Tasker may anticipate receiving for doing them:

  • Carry some furniture up a flight of stairs: $45-$105
  • Repair a simple plumbing issue: $55-$130
  • Furniture assembly: $55-$145
  • Delivery to your home or office: $25-$70

Eligibility To Sign Up As A Tasker

If you are planning to get registered as the Tasker, here are a few eligibility criteria that you should follow:

  • New Taskers must be 18 years old or older.
  • A valid credit card is required.
  • To use the TaskRabbit app, you must have a smartphone.
  • Every new Tasker is subjected to a background check.
  • You must live in a TaskRabbit-enabled city.
  • You must have a bank checking account.
  • A $25 one-time registration fee is required.

How Does TaskRabbit Earn?

TaskRabbit earns money by charging their taskers a service fee or “commission.” It makes money by charging a 15% service fee that is deducted from Tasker rates. 

TaskRabbit also charges a Trust & Support fee to clients who book taskers. These costs are non-negotiable and are assessed on each transaction. It accounts for 7.5% of the entire cost.

When a freelancer registers to become a TaskRabbit tasker, TaskRabbit charges a $25 non-refundable registration fee with each application.

Pros of Using TaskRabbit

Though using the TaskRabbit is really fun and simple, the following pros make it even more desirable for all:

  • Multiple service options are available.
  • Flexibility to set the charges.
  • Better pay rates
  • Long-term working potential
  • Perks of freelancing
  • Constant supply of work for better earnings

Cons of Using TaskRabbit

Everything has a downside and that goes with taskRabbit too. The main cons of using the TaskRabbit are as follows:

  • High service charges
  • Registration is chargeable
  • Inconsistent income
  • Lower pay in initial stages

Is TaskRabbit Safe?

Yes, TaskRabbit is a safe and sound platform to use. All the taskers are offered services only after the complete background check. Additionally, all those who offer services are the local people who require some additional help.

In fact, TaskRabbit is dedicated to providing excellent and secure experiences. Following the same, this is entirely safe for all the parties under consideration. 

Is TaskRabbit Legit?

Yes, TaskRabbit is a legal platform that connects consumers who want to pay for chores and errands to people who want to do them. It offers services after a complete background search which makes it even more legit and reliable. With the intensive background checks and the complete follow-up, this platform is really legit and extremely safe to use.

Is TaskRabbit Worth Trying?

TaskRabbit is a legitimate company with several job opportunities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. This is a flexible approach to making money, and if you create a reputation, you can earn a lot of money. 

If you’re looking for a lucrative side gig that can turn into a full-time income, TaskRabbit is definitely worth a look. However, to have a successful TaskRabbit experience, you must have strong organizational abilities and a strong desire to succeed.

Some Reviews From Taskers

There are hundreds of reviews available on various job portals and other platforms. It is important to check them before applying for a job on the platform. So, here are the basic reviews available on Indeed for the same:

  • Known for work-life balance, pay, and benefits, management, culture
  • Allows to set the schedule and earn accordingly.
  • TaskRabbit Happiness Pledge is great support for safety and insurance.

Final Verdict

TaskRabbit is one of the best platforms to connect the taskers and those who need a task to be done. A great platform to earn income allows you to put your exclusive skills to use most finely.

But when you register, be precise about what you are willing to offer and what charges you are willing to apply. Make sure to have a competitive profile, as this will offer you a greater scope of connecting with a larger base of customers.

So, if you have special skills or are just willing to help your neighbors and earn, then registering on TaskRabbit is really a great opportunity. Simple process, quick registering, and multiple service options make this platform perfect for a broad category of taskers.

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