The Process of Test Proctoring for Online Examination

Online examinations are always beneficial compared to the primitive examination system. The examiners can easily appoint a date for examination and conduct the exam online. The students can attempt the questions online and the system automatically provides marks to the students after completing the test.

The system automatically provides grades to the students based upon their marks. But, in the course of online examination, the students can copy from the sites or access information online.

Also, a proxy candidate can appear for the examination. So, the software is installed by the administrators to prevent any type of malpractices. The process of test proctoring takes place and the administrators can easily monitor the students.

Why is conducting online examination useful?

Examination centres not required

When regular exams are conducted, then the administrators should conduct them across various test centers across the nation or globe. So, they should hire staff to administer the students and incur expenses.

But different test centers are not required if the examinations are conducted online. But a student can appear for the examination from anywhere. The student does not incur any conveyance charges.

Easy to fix the date

The invigilators usually set different question papers for every student. They decide a date for the students according to their convenience. So, they can be easy for scheduling exam and the student can appear for the test according to the date scheduled by them. The process of test proctoring is meant for easy scheduling of examination also.

So, both the parties can save their travelling expenses, administration costs and the costs for printing papers.

But, when online examinations are conducted, the administrators should ensure some points. Anybody can appear online for the examination instead of the candidate enrolling name for the exam.

The candidate can commit some malpractices online as they can easily copy the answers from any sites or contact their friends. Rarely, students can extract information using certain tools. So, to prevent any type of fraudulent practices, the process of test proctoring is performed.

So, the proctoring software consists of various features to conduct online examination

Features for candidate authentication:

This feature is installed in the software to identify the candidate. They prevent the risk of impersonation using multi-factor authentication. They already store the image of the candidate so that they can again captivate the image during the time of examination to verify them. The candidate should fill a form stating that he or she does not get indulged in any malpractices. The candidate should sign a form that he or she does not copy from friends or other sites.

Browser for safe examination

The candidates can easily access the internet and find answers to their questions online. but the examiners want to prevent them from accessing any site. So, they install a browser for safe examination.

The candidates cannot access any information or share information to anyone browsing the net. They cannot copy or paste from any sites also. So, they are installed with a browser for conducting a safe examination.

But, yet they can select some of the appropriate levels for each candidate. Although the candidates cannot access information from the net, they can yet use some important features.

The proctoring software is mainly used for three reasons namely for candidate authentication, controlling the environment and proctoring session. It contains a feature for email verification and ID verification.

So, the students can verify their emails, but they cannot browse information.

This software is also used to control the environment. The candidates should not be able to browse information from the internet and hence they should use browser tolerance or secure browser. They can use the proctoring session that is AI-based. They should record and review the sessions. So, they can use the proctoring software before and after the test.

So, the online examination is a robust platform for candidates and administrators.

The administrators can configure online exams. Then, using the proctoring services, they can perform online invigilation and proctoring programs. The system performs the automatic grading system.

It is beneficial to the test taker also because he can appear for the test from anywhere. They also test the candidate’s caliber accurately.

So, using the proctored software, the students can appear for the exam from anywhere.

This exam is conducted for the candidates using the webcam and the candidate can be visually and audibly accessed by the proctors. They can permit candidates to undertake any tests to a far-off location.

It is also used to access the behavior of the candidates and the persons attending the exam should be genuine. They can install this software on their computer and the applications are accessed on the computers and through the webcams.

So, the candidate from a remote location can undertake the test. But such tests should be always reliable. The invigilator accesses the conduct of the candidates. But the examiners should be ensured that the students should not commit any dishonesty.

They should install the system on the computer and the application of the candidate is accessed through webcam. They should confirm the identity of the candidate by presenting the ID of the candidate. Then, the system identifies the ID of the candidate through facial recognition.

Then, they should be able to present the short phrase so that the keystrokes should be properly analyzed. The password is only known to the proctor to begin the test.

It consists of a lockdown mechanism so that the web browsers cannot be opened. So, the chances of cheating are minimized. The proctoring services are meant to prevent any fraudulent practices during the examination.

So, proctoring technology is pre-configured, and it consists of various features for anti-cheating. It consists of AI-based proctoring technology and it accurately detects the cheating practices of the students. Human-based proctoring technology is used to record the monitoring of the exams.

It consists of a safe browser and hence the students can never access the websites. They verify the authenticity of the candidates using tools such as OTP, ID proof and email process. It is a robust examination platform that consists of customizable and scalable features. It contains robust information and helps in data privacy.

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