5+ Best Online Jobs To Make Quick Money for Teenagers

Are you a teenager? Well, if yes then you must be struggling a lot to make money. We understand that college times could be rough, and having an extra source of income could be a great option. But teenagers can’t invest a lot of time in offline jobs; hence the best option out there will be to opt for online jobs

Various jobs such as freelancing, surveys, and more are available that can help teenagers to make efficient and quick money. Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the best options for teenagers that will help in making fast money.

Top Ways To Make Quick Money

Before we list the options that can help you make quick money, it is important to understand that quick money refers to money earned by working part-time. Nevertheless, it needs effort and time.

So, here are the prominent choices of jobs that you as a teenager can opt for to make some quick money:

1. Watch Ads and make money

These days you can get numerous options to earn money by watching Ads online. Applications such as MyPoints can help you out with this. All you need is to visit the website and see the ad.


Once you see the ad and wait for a certain duration over the website, you will automatically get the money. 

According to data, an individual can make more than $20 per day with one ad site. You can also get bonus money for signing in on many such websites. It is a quick and very efficient way to earn money.

2. Online surveys and reviews

Online surveys are among the quickest ways to make money online, and it is a very popular method these days among teenagers. There are various websites that provide numerous surveys. These surveys are basically from different companies regarding their products and more.

You can visit the website and choose the survey you want to go through. Once you start the survey, try to fill in the information in a genuine way to get good reward points. If you don’t fill out the survey honestly, you won’t get paid, so be very careful while filling out the online survey.

Few websites also give an option to review movies, shows, and even articles. You can visit these websites and get your allotment to review and earn money based on it. Music review is very famous among youngsters these days.

And below these sites can help you to start your journey to make money online via Surveys:

Survey Sites To EarnWebsites
Survey Junkiehttp://www.surveyjunkie.com/
Reading Recommendations:

3. Sell different stuff online

Being a teenager, you don’t have a lot of time to spend on online jobs. Hence one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn is by selling different items online. You can earn by selling those items that are no longer required by you. 

selling on eBay

Search items might include books, electronics, gift cards, and even arts and crafts. You can easily sell these items on websites such as eBay and Amazon. The most important thing to be considered while selling something online will be your capability to list items and their related price accordingly. 

4. Video game testing

The Process of Test Proctoring for Online Examination

Teenagers love playing video games. They like to explore virtual reality and want to spend all day playing video games. But what if we tell you that there is a way to earn while playing video games. Video game developers find it very hard to test their products. And they can’t get a better option than teens to test their product.

You can log in to such websites, and you will be assigned special games to test at a fixed time duration. You will have to play the game and give your reviews at different steps while playing it.

Some of them also ask you to fill out the review at the end after you are done playing the game. Though the entire process is hectic, one can earn a lot with video game testing.

Testing Sites For MoneyURLs

5. Online tutor

If you are a college student, then you can easily become an online tutor. There are a number of different online teaching platforms that require tutors for their students. To teach online, you will have to prepare for the subject, and sometimes you will have to make ppt and notes to help the kid out.

Moreover, you can have two options. You can teach an individual student as a personal interaction, or you can become a tutor to an entire group of students. The tutors who teach a class get more money, whereas private tutors have less work to do. You can easily register on platforms such as VIPKid and more to become an online tutor. 

Here is some most popular platform where you can register yourself as an English tutor you can join today.

English Teaching PlatformsWebsites
Amazing Talkerhttps://en.amazingtalker.com/
Class 100https://en.class100.com/

6. Freelancing

Teenagers are highly creative, and they can use their creativity in the field of freelancing to get money easily. Freelancing is one of the most famous options these days to earn online. You can register on different websites that provide freelancing jobs and further find the appropriate project on which you can work.


Projects such as creative writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, and even article creation have been among the most preferred options among teenagers. If an individual gets settled in the field of creative freelancing, he can earn up to $50-$100 a month even if he agrees to do it as a part-time job.

Here is some most popular platform where you can register your profile and create a gig to offer freelancing services.

Proofreading PlatformsWebsites
People Per Hourhttps://www.peopleperhour.com/


Above in this article, we have mentioned some of the best ways by which teenagers can earn and get a side income. While most of these options are quite easy to adopt, the need for the efforts is equal.

Start by understanding the time you can invest and selecting the job that suits you the most. Additionally, you can always opt for multiple options and select the one that your skillset matches with. It is always a good option to have something extra by your side in your hard times.

So, with these amazing options, it’s time to start some side hustle and earn that extra quick money.

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