Top 25+ Business Ideas in Kolkata:

Kolkata is famous for being home to world-class artists and literate specialists. How nice it would be if Kolkata also overruns other states in business. With young minds showing interest in being entrepreneurs, it is essential to come up with interesting business ideas in Kolkata.

Top 25+ Business Ideas in Kolkata

If you are a resident of Kolkata and understand the mindset of people here, below are 32 low-investment, high-turnover business ideas in Kolkata for you-

1. Travel Consultancy

Kolkata is a city of travel enthusiasts, who seek expert advice on tourism. Even if they have access to online travel portals, support from an expert on planning tours. Travel consultant business is thus a high-earning business here.

2. Store for Mobile Repairing

The most popular business in India is that every 2–5 kilometers, you’ll find a mobile repair and recharging store, including tea shops. and there is all you need to build trust and deliver work on time as promised to earn profit and goodwill. It helps grow your mobile repair business in Kolkata.

3. Breakfast Van

Office going individuals often miss out on their breakfast. Kachori is a common breakfast for these people near the office. If you can cook, breakfast vans serving toast, sandwiches, dosa and kachoris can are beyond imagination profitable source of income in Kolkata. Just find a spot near offices and institutions to sell.

4. Fast Food Joints

Kolkata is famous for its street foods in India. Junk foods like Rolls, kebabs, dimsums, noodles, etc. sell fast here. They are in massive demand to post the office operational hours. Open your store at the right location. You can start with a low investment, but the profit is sure to be high.

5. Tuition Centers

If you have the skill to impart engaging education to students, your tuition business is sure to grow fast. It’s probably the most respectable business with investment only for an AV projector.

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6. Tailoring Shop

In Kolkata, people prefer to wear custom-tailored garments over readymade ones. This is true for both men and women. If you know how to sew in the machine and can take proper measurements, you can try this business.

7. On Street book Stall

Kolkata is known to be a city of bookworms where valuable books, 2ndhand-books, and original editions sell at a good bargain on the street. If you understand literature and book value. Try out on the street bookstall business.

8. Handicraft Store or Stalls

Art is highly appreciated in Kolkata. If you are familiar with any art form like jute bag making or pottery or Kolapuri art, showcase your expertise in handicraft stores or street-side stalls. They fetch good money.

9. Street-side Custom made Jewellery Store

Handcrafter custom-made silver jewellery is yet another art form that caters to a high-revenue market. If you are good at a bargain, then procure nice pieces in bulk from manufacturers and sell them for good money.

10. Music Classes

In Kolkata, music, especially Rabindra Sangeet and classical music education is considered auspicious. If you have a degree in music or can sing well, this is a great business opportunity to start with your neighbourhood.

11. Dance Classes

Like music, dance is praised here. Any dance form is appreciated. If you are a specialist in some dance form, then bring out your talent and start teaching.

12. Service of Handyman

If you want to start with slow business earning, being a handyman is something to consider. You need to know plumbing, electrical or similar household work to take it up as your business.

13. Sweet Shop

Kolkata without sweets is unimaginable. If you know the art of making sweets out of dairy products, you are the king of business. Be prepared to earn a profit that you never thought if you can attract the Bengali sentiment to your store.

14. Food and Foot Tour Guide

Kolkata is well known for its food and foot tours, within the city, among foreigners. So, if you know your history and heritage well, if you know where to find typically Bengali or Kolkata originated food, think of becoming a tour guide. Knowing your city and its delicacies can pay you off nicely.

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15. Local Delicacy Restaurant

Do you have a free space of about 200 sq. ft? Try to open up a small-scale restaurant and cater to people with your mother’s recipe. The Bengali delicacies sell well in the market. A restaurant for local delicacy may not be a very low investment, but the profit is pretty steep.

Many of us are forgetting our authentic food culture and mixing it up with the food habits of another region. If you can provide authentic taste to consumers, your business is sure to boom.

16. Pice Hotel

This is an old business concept, that forms an eccentric character of Kolkata entrepreneurs. Like the Dabba business of Mumbai, businessmen and women can open up small shacks near office areas and offer people thali meals at a dear rate during lunch hours.

They sell fast. The business traffic is sure to be high if you provide your customers with great food at an affordable rate.

17. Pet Care Center

If you have enough free space and love for animals, then the pet care center is a good business opportunity for you. Every pet owner wants loving daycare for their fur-babies where they will be cared for. If you provide a loving environment and abstain from the use of drugs while keeping pets, your chances of having repeat clients are very high.

18. Boutique Clothing Store

If you understand fashion and you have a knack for designing, the boutique is your ideal business opportunity. People appreciate unique and one-piece designs. Visualize the art and put it in fashion form.

19. Chaye pe Adda

The “Chaye pe Adda” is a famous thing in Kolkata since the time of Independence. Life of Kolkata residents would be shattered without the tea stall gossips. Opening up a tea stall is definitely a good idea, especially near offices, marketplaces etc.

20. Freelance Photography

Do you have a high-quality camera? Are you an expert in photography? With the pre-wedding photoshoots and event photoshoots coming in vogue, the chances of freelance photography are high.

21. Coaching for Sports

This is a specialist field of business. If you have expertise and experience in certain forms of sports, you can think of opening up a coaching class. But remember, this is not really a business opportunity for the young. Experience is the prime necessity here.

22. Language Translator

Are you comfortable in more than one foreign language? Can you translate your mother and national tongue comfortably into English or other foreign languages? If yes, this is a high-paid freelance job for you in Kolkata.

23. Scriptwriting

This is a business option for creative personnel. If you are capable of writing exciting scripts for filming, you are in demand in the Tollywood industry. This is in fact, as well paid freelance job.

24. Local Grocery Store

No matter how many big shopping malls open up in Kolkata, residents here always prefer to visit their local grocery store to get monthly items on credit. You can open up a small store selling essential goods like rice, spices etc. The business will grow soon.

25. Event Manager

Like every other Indian state, event managers and wedding planners earn havoc by making an event successful. Slowly expand your business and cover every aspect of an event starting from décor to catering. The profit is high here.

26. Blogging

Blogging is like a social influencer business. Mostly travel and food blogs make a difference in the minds of Kolkata people. If you are good at writing, get on with your personal blog and earn fame and money.

27. Bakery

Oven-fresh confection items are always appreciated here in Kolkata. If you are good at baking, open your bakery store or online business. Prepare custom-baked items on order or according to the festivities in Kolkata and win over people.

28. Video Parlor

Even though online streaming is available for new movies, but nostalgia plays a vital role amongst Bengali sentiments in Kolkata. What else can be a better way to stir the nostalgia than a video parlor with a stock of old movies? Increase your collection of old and new movies and start your video parlor. It sells well in Kolkata.

29. Application Designing and Development

Even though Kolkata is hugging on to its nostalgia and heritage, technology has surpassed everything. Fast-working apps are necessary here as well. If you have technological knowledge, then assist a company in starting their app with proper programming and navigating the launch page.

Kolkata has more business opportunities to offer. Try some option that calls for minimum investment yet a huge turnover every year.

30. Dry Fruits Shop

To complete daily value nutrition dry fruits play a major role as they are full of a lot of micro nutrition which are required to maintain health. In the last few years, people have become educated in health and understanding what to eat and what to not eat.

You can start a dry fruits store or shop near or in any market of the city where a lot of people come and go regularly. Hope you know there are a lot of dry fruits available people don’t know about them. So, you can also be aware of these dry fruits through your store by adding a banner in the market and store.

The prices of the different types of dry fruits depend on the many locations and store sizes. The prices of dry fruits are very in in mostly small retail stores or shops. By buying dry fruits in bulk you can reduce a lot of competition and attract a lot of people to your dry fruits store.

If you limited investment to start a business, you can start this type of business where the investment is small but the return is very high. Everyone wants to company their daily value nutrition and become healthy. So, you don’t have to be aware people about its benefits.

After getting good growth in the business, you can start more dry fruit stores at different locations in a city to make more profit. You can create a band name and name all the stores you manage. It will become very beneficial for you to do marketing.

Do complete research and make sure you have some basic information about the dry fruits you are selling in your retail store. It will be very helpful to tell people what are the benefits of these dry fruits.

Before starting the business make sure you do research about the competition in the dry fruit stores. If there are very high competitors and you don’t want to take a huge risk then start a small dry fruits store or locate another location.

31. Healthy Foods Restaurant

Most cities are full of fast food restaurants and most people know that fast food is very injuries to health, makes you weak, causes many decisions time some series, and many more. On the other side, most probably you have seen only a few healthy food restaurants.

In a few words, you can start a restaurant to provide only healthy foods. Hope you have seen there are very huge differences in the quality of oil and other products that are being sold in the stores. As it is very injuries to health.

After starting the restaurant, you can advertise in a way that you are not using oils and other products while making food to keep you healthy. By this type of marketing, you can attract more people to your restaurant. In many cases, a lot of people consume fast food and other unhealthy foods if they do not have other options.

You can use oils that are made from direct mustard, olive oil, cold press oils, etc. Find other healthy alternatives for each item which are being used in the restaurants. As of now, it is easy to find through the Internet as a very large resource of it available.

As there is very little competition at many locations in the healthy food restaurants. As a result, there are very less risks too. On the other side, you have to do online advertising to get customers and aware people of the benefits of healthy foods. In the marketing or advertising, you have to spend some money.

32. Grocery Stores

In Kolkata, there are many places, where most of people live but there are not or only a few grocery stores. A grocery store makes a lot of things very simple and easy to buy products for people. Most people also prefer buying groceries from grocery stores to reduce the time.

You can start your own grocery store or you can also take franchises of any brand that is suitable for you. For franchisees, you have to spend a lot of money too and you’ll get permission to use their band name. By seeing a brand name, a lot of people can be attracted very easily.

The cost of the franchise depends on many factors mostly brands. If the brand is popular then you have to spend a lot of money to get its franchises on the other side if the brand is less popular you can get a franchise at a low cost.

There are a few requirements to get a franchise from any brand i.e. your own land or plot (you can check the required size on the franchise brand website). this is the major requirement and the rest is money and location. Some brands do not offer franchises for many locations.

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