Top 30+ Startup Business Ideas in India to Think About

Every young mind in today’s world dreams of owning his or her personal business. Gone are the thoughts where you wanted to work for a company. Now people want to start up something new on their own, something that remains exclusively for themselves. We are here to discuss the business ideas in India that can lead to success this year.

Top 30+ business ideas in India

Not sure how to follow your dreams? Below are 33 business ideas in India that need less investment and promise high return-

1. Blogging

Blogging can help you earn thousands in no time if you are able to create engaging content for the viewers. Be a social blog influencer and make a difference.

2. E-commerce Dropshipping

A relatively new business concept pertaining to the opening of a personal e-commerce profession. No need to stock-up or invest. Purchase items only when you get customer requests and payments. Get your product delivered to customers directly from the supplier and get paid.

3. Digital Marketer Service

Do you have knowledge of digital marketing? Owing to the increasing demand in online presence, the business popularity of a company is determined highly by SEO. Digital marketing is a profession that maintains a standard of a company website, makes it SEO friendly and promotes the brand online. If you are aware of the technicalities, your quality is in demand.

4. Tiffin or Dabba Service:

This a small business option that has been in vogue for a long time. If you can cook, you can supply delicious home-made food to office goers. People miss-out on home food as they lack time for cooking. Save them from eating junk and earn profit with a healthy habit.

5. Fitness Centers

To own your fitness center, all you need is a space to fit in some instruments and allow the workout area. You need to be fit and healthy to influence people. Human beings are health and shape conscious nowadays. If you know how to maintain then your business is sure to flourish.

6. Child day care service

Provide working mothers with the assurance of well -being of their infants. Care, nutrition and playtime are essential for a child’s growth. Daycare facilities are getting well paid in the 21st century.

7. Organize Adventure Activities

If you are a fit and adventure lover, you might consider organizing new adventure tours. There are millions of adrenaline enthusiasts in the world who are willing to explore new, little risky and fun activities. To start this off all you need is a terrain or favorable adventure sports in your area and the safety gear only.

8. Tuition Center

Knowledgeable individuals, who can create engaging education material for students, can rule. Education is never complete only at schools and colleges. Prepare engaging study materials and gain more students. In no time you will be earning a huge profit.

9. Ethnic Restaurant

If you have a 200 sq. ft space at disposal, why not try to open your own restaurant. Restaurants catering to ethnic and local delicacies are rated above multi-cuisine platforms. In flow of customer is high.

10. Organic Agriculture

People are nowadays in favor of consuming organic or eco-friendly vegetables and fruits. If you can invest in the chemical-free farming procedures and sell veggies, the profit is high. Organic food items earn more than veggies with the chemical intrusion.

11. Event Management

This is a business to start slowly and spread over different genres of event management like catering, event decoration, music arrangement etc. India is famous of the Big Fat Wedding and other gala events. Complete coverage of all these activities in an event is ideal for profit earning.

12. Sports training service

This business doesn’t call for investment. All it requires is fitness, experience and expertise in certain fields of sports. Technical guidance and practice sessions are well appreciated and high paid business opportunities.

13. Making Pickle

Bring out your grandma’s recipes. Pickle making is a forgotten art amongst the majority of us. But tasty pickles are always appreciated with meals. If you have the recipe, this is a small business idea to start with.

14. Application Development

A business opportunity for technology experts. If you are fluent with the programming languages and the coding, design a user-friendly, in-demand app platform to develop applications. Apps covering daily necessities are high paid.

15. Online freelance Photography

If you are an expert photographer, there are many websites where you will find appreciators. People value quality photographs, portraits, wilderness coverage, etc. Sell your collections online and earn.

16. Vehicle Repair Service

With the increasing number of vehicles in our society, the breakdown is inevitable. If you are an expert in automobiles, then opening up a repairing shop can be profitable.

17. Travel Consultant

People might approach online portals for booking of their travel components, but a consultant is always appreciated for value addition in the itinerary.

18. Tailoring Shops

Having an idea about knitting, stitching and tailoring is a good way to start a business. Customized garments are in demand across Northern and Eastern India best. You can earn quite some profit with this.

19. Pisciculture – (Fish Farming)

This is a business opportunity for people residing in the villages of India. If you own a pond, you can try pisciculture as your living.

20. Computer Coaching

Not everyone is a computer literate in India. But the world demands more expertise on computers for every office job now days. If you have the knowledge spread, it out with coaching centers.

21. Printing, Binding and Photocopy Service:

Invest on a photocopy, printing and binding machine. It is a profitable business opportunity if you can secure a store near office buildings and educational institutes.

22. Ayurveda and Herbal Product Store:

To understand plants and their medicinal values? Are you aware of how to extract ayurvedic medicines out of herb? Indians value ayurvedic products for skincare, general healthcare and hygiene over chemical products. If you have the knowledge, you can surely make a profit our of Ayurveda.

23. Aquarium Shop

Trading in colorful fishes and aquariums is a common low expense business option. You can open a small store and start it. Maintain cleanliness. Clean aquariums are appreciated.

24. Fragrances and Candles

Aromatic candles and incense sticks are preferred highly by people as relaxing remedies. Making these fragrances is also an art. If you are such an artist, its time to unravel your expertise here.

25. Antique Stores

India, being the land of heritage, is rich in invaluable antique items. There are many people who consider the collection of these priceless antiques as a way of enhancing their living room beauty. Opening up a store for antiques as high profitable business. Securing antiques is not always difficult.

26. Walking Tour Guide

Do you know your history well? Can you guide people across your city or village and explain all the historic and ancient facts? Walking city guided tour is in demand among foreigners who want to understand our culture. Indulge in guiding the tourists to make money as a freelance guide.

27. Talent Freelancing

The digital market is giving different business opportunities. If you have any of the talents as in high clarity voice, fashion sense etc. you can put it use as a business. Become a freelance voice over artist or indulge in video promotions. All you need is a little talent.

28. Photography Business

All you need to initiate this business is an upscale camera with clarity. You can kick start your business with the enhancing demand in wedding photography. Some even hire freelancers for glamor or portfolio creation. Having a studio is also great.

29. Food business for ladies

Female entrepreneurs have high profit earning chances by investing their time in making certain local snack items. Minor businesses like making papad, banana chips, wafers, jams etc. is a good way to earn.

30. Handicraft Market

True artists are always appreciated in India. Handicraft business forms the core of our cultural heritage. Learn the art of craft-making and open your own store like that of bamboo and bicker made chairs, wooden ladles etc.

31. Breakfast Joints

In our hectic schedule people, office goers miss out on their breakfast many times. Opening up a breakfast joint or mobile van near offices and serving breakfast items like vada, idly, sambar, dosa, kachori etc. can help you earn enough.

32. Tattoo Parlor

Getting a tattoo done is the new fashion trend amongst youngsters in India. If you are an artist with knowledge of tattoo painting, this can make you rich. All you need is patience and awareness about the health factors.

33. App Cab Business

This is a leading business in India. If you own a car, give it up to app cab business like Ola, Uber or similar. Profit earning is high with these. The online cab system helps entrepreneurs as the steppingstone to the transportation business.

There are more business opportunities lying across for you. If you are keen on starting something new for earning, then try unique options. Young India needs more creative minds.

34. Supply Fresh Vegetables

In many cities and locations in India the cost of fresh vegetables is very high and most of the time it becomes very hard to get fresh vegetables. For good health, fresh vegetables are required, in case using unfresh vegetables for a long time can cause micro-nutrition deficiency.

In India, In most places, it is very easy to get fresh vegetables thanks to our hardworking farmers. The problem is sometimes it becomes very hard to get fresh vegetables on time for the people who sell vegetables.

Hope you have seen many small cities that can not afford to hire a vehicle that can supply the vegetables for them. It is because each individual needs to hire the vehicle individually as a result to cost becomes very high and the vegetable sellers can not afford this.

There is an opportunity for you, you can ask these vegetable sellers that I’ll buy vegetables for you and supply them to you at a very low cost regularly. If you do the task in bulk, you supply vegetables to many vegetable sellers at the same time. You’ll be in profit.

This business model may not work in those places where the vegetable sellers can get fresh vegetables very easily. And in those locations where vegetable sellers can afford the cost of renting or hiring someone to supply vegetables for them.

Do research on how the system works, what are the profits, at what locations doing business with this model or related model is possible, what are the risks, and many more…

35. Real-state Agency

It become very hard for anyone to find a property to live in, rent own property, sell property, buy property, etc. The problem is not everyone has a lot of customers who can sell, buy, or rent property very easily in less time without hard work.

In India, there are fever real-state agencies who work on this. It becomes very hard for them to manage it at a very large scale because it will need a very large number of teams to manage this.

You can find a location where there is almost no real estate agency and the number of property buyers, sellers, and renters is very high. In a few words if there is less competition then it can be a good opportunity for you. You can start a small real estate agency in that place.

There can be a lot of individual real estate brokers who charge a very large amount (in percentage) to help people sell, buy, or rent their property. In that case, if you do the same thing at a lower cost then you can attract a lot of clients or customers very easily.

It can be very tough to find a location real-estate broker charges a lot of money and there are very fever real-state agencies. There is a very high chance you may find these types of opportunities in the small cities.

These days, a lot of or maximum real state agencies are shifting their business online to get more customers by advertising online. You can do the same but do not do it blindly and do market research on it.

There are a lot of formalities you have to compete with because of a lot of fraud in the real estate industry. You have to get licenses to work. Please ask any expert for a detailed guide on this. As a result, you’ll not face any problems in the future.

36. Jewelry Business

Jewelry Business is very competitive in India as there are very large and trusted Jewelyry stress stores and companies already in India. In India, most people use Gold as jewelry and many cases show that a lot of jewelry stores sell low-purity gold jewelry.

Not only risk, but the investments in the business is also very high. In a few words, there are huge risks but at many locations, there can be opportunities for you as explained below.

In the small town starting a jewelry business can be possible mostly in the town in which you live. In the town or place you live there is a very high chance most of the people in your area know about you and your personality.

And if you have any other stores like clothing stores then you can open a jewelry store near your clothing stores. It will be very easy for you to get customers. Always make sure you are providing them with pure gold and showing a complete purity percentage of the gold to run your business in the long term.

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