69 Business ideas in UK That Require Low Investment to Start


Today, the youth of the UK is fascinated by MNCs and Corporate giants for a better and lavish lifestyle. Companies like Google and Amazon offer high-salary packages to a fresher because of their fresh and active mind.

They do not just offer high-salaries but they also offer a high-end lifestyle to their employees in very offices. They have gaming zones in their offices for employees to get their minds fresh during breaks and they also have staff parties in short periods for the employees to stay connected with employees and their company. All these offerings escalate the output of an employee and keep him/her motivated.

It is the world that only works in starting and does not help stick for a much longer period. Either these offerings make an employee hard-working or lazy. While these giants offer exciting perks, they take out extra work. Employees have to work over-time or for 8-9 hours minimum for fixed salary packages. It could be sufficient for many but not for all.

On later stages of jobs employees, choose to start a side business or else quit the job and pursue full-time business. They found self-employment more meaningful than high-paid jobs and great perks. Starting your own business may be the riskier step for your future while you can have a secure future in services.

It is a suggestion from our side that first start side business and once it gains some popularity in the market, make it your permanent business. Many people do not have the ability to work under someone, thus it is better or best for them to get self-employed and be their own boss.

So, for now, the hot question is that what may be the best business ideas for your side business. There are many small business ideas available

69 Business ideas in UK That Require Low Investment to Start

1. Blogging


There are people who find peace while expressing or writing their thoughts. And if one gets to earn through it then who would mind it! right?

Choose any topic that you know best in your knowledge and start writing a blog today. Millions of bloggers are generating their income from writing on topics like traveling, cooking, business, and adventure, etc. It is the best business idea with no investment and highly rewarding with time. You don’t need to be formal, just pen down your thoughts to the public. It is a kind of home business idea.

2. Graphics Designing

Graphic Designing

With a blog, it is important to display thoughts via pictures on blogs. It makes blogs more attractive and interesting. You cannot just take a picture from the internet and attach it to your personal blog because it is illegal.

So to avoid this, graphic designers are hired who make an original draft better than the existing picture for the post, websites, and bloggers. You can work as a freelancer. Thus, it is one of the home-based business ideas.

3. Web Designing

Web Designing

Today, everything runs on online portals from food delivery to buying fashion stuff i.e. Clothes and accessories. Therefore, the market has a great demand for web designers. Entrepreneur hires freelancers, web designers at high pays to get their websites designed.

There are many courses available online and in the local market as well to learn web designing to pursue it as a full time or part-time business. You can earn a good amount through this.

4. Web Developers

Web Developers

There are not many professionals who have command on web developing systems like; Javascript, HTML, Python, and Django. Learn to play with codes and get your business started. You have to start from the bottom and learn from your experiences.

But, once these codes are on your tips, you will be the king in your field and will be able to earn a good amount. It is the best business to start today.

5. Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

The online platform has filled homes of many. People love to stay in their comfort zone and home is comfort. They take online coaching classes while sitting at home and learn everything.

There are ample opportunities for those who experts in one or the other field as they can start an online coaching portal and control via live chats and video recordings.

People pay a high amount for these classes and the online teacher doesn’t have the responsibility to control the class. Tutoring is one of the good business ideas.

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6. EBook


Not everyone gets a chance to publish their books and not every book that is published is a best seller. Therefore, publishing your thoughts online is a platform for those who do not get a chance to public their writings.

Publish your book online and cover vast space. No need to be a perfectionist, just pen down your thoughts and publish your eBook.

7. Social Media Marketing

Social media controller

Today, social media do what letters couldn’t do in the past. People who have not met each other for years can get in touch via social media. It is a vast platform where you don’t need to know anybody in person but can develop links online. Instagram is the social media platform where common people gain popularity among others and once you are known amongst other, different brands will follow you for their contracts and shout out on your social media page. As they can gain followers from your existing followers. You can earn huge money from these shout out whilst you get to live fantasy life in real.

8. Podcast


If you are good at speech and have innovative ideas in your head, don’t just waste them, attract people from your speech. All you have to do is choose a platform either. YouTube or Facebook and get your audience interested. Podcast it on daily basis and wait for it to gain popularity. Once people start liking what you do to entertain them, brands and investors provide you with fundings for your future ideas and you can earn as much as you desire.

9. Amazon Reselling

Amazon Reselling

It is a well known fact now that if you cannot get best price for your used stuff, sell it online at its best prices. But many people don’t get into hassle to sell stuff online and they sell their product in local markets at lower prices. You need to get in link with local vendors to buy used product at cheap prices and resell it on online platforms like Amazon on much higher prices than you bought from local market. This way you can earn more with low investment.

10.  Online Mobile Cover Store

Online Mobile Cover Store

Mobile phones are essential in modern lifestyle. People can go out alone but not without their mobile phones. Thus, there is a direct demand for mobile covers. People secure their phones with covers and thus, they want something eye catchy and durable at the same time. It is not possible for local vendor to provide beautiful or customize cover at lower prices under one roof because they cannot have huge variety of products in their shops. It is a great opportunity for online vendor to sell more and more products as they can showcase huge variety of products under one roof and can also provide durable products at reasonable prices. So by having a business in this, you can earn a lot.

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11. Earn per Sale- Commission

There are many startup online that provide high commissions on sale of their product in order to promote their website or selling portal. If you have good links and vast connection of people, it is great opportunity for you. You can earn as much as u can based upon your ability sell the very product without any investment. You have no risk and probability of high earnings.

12. Online English Classes

Online English Classes

UK is the only country that has great demand of English speaking people. English is considered as second preferred language in UK. There are many people who approach tutors for English writing and speaking classes. Well its a great opportunity for you guys, if you have a command over language. Start your online portal today and give English lessons. Students look for smart and fluent English teacher who can guide them to succeed.

13. SAT Classes

SAT Classes

The youth of UK is attracted with abroad culture. Thus, they want to study abroad and start preparing for SAT exams right after their high schools. They don’t want to waste their year and hence, want a good teacher who could train them for the exams and guide them to best University abroad. Start online SAT classes today and earn like you have never earn with its growing demand in the market.

14. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Social media is the platform that is used for many purposes like, building connection, marketing and to share live experiences. Therefore, people end up spending hours of the day on the social media platform. To avoid spending their valuable time on Facebook etc they hire a person who take care of all social media accounts. Especially, startups and travelling companies hire a person suitable for the job. You can find many job opportunities on website like, Flexjobs and Carrier builder.

15. Child Care and pampering

Child Care and pampering

Child caring is one of the sweetest yet the toughest job one can thought of doing. Yet, it gives an immense amount of pleasure to not only do something good for a child but to help their parents.

Today’s generation is so busy with their work that they find it difficult to inculcate time with their toddlers and that’s where the job of child care appears. You can earn a good amount and can enjoy with the baby too.

16. Computer Repair


With technology in the hands, the human work has decreased to a great extent. Each and every workplace, home, institutes have computers and with that, comes the technical problems. Computer repairing is one of them. It gives a good side income to the person who is well aware with the workings of the computer.

17. Modeling


Who does not love to be famous? Right! Modelling is one such job. If you have apt height, posture and ability to walk a ramp i guess you are the one. You can not only earn but can become famous by doing modelling for some brands. Boys and girls do consider it.

18. Computer Training

Computer Training

Parents want their child to be perfect and walk with the world. And being in a modern world, one needs to know how to operate everything. Each and every work is now done on computer so being a computer master, you can train the beginners and can earn a good amount.

19. Contract Customer Service

Contract Customer Service

Joining as a freelancer or an expert in firms who outsource their customer service operations can be another way to fetch some easy money as a lot of firms accept home based contractors.

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20. Dog Walker


Who does not love pets? Dogs are one of the cutest pet animals one can keep. But it requires sheer amount of patience and caring when it comes to take care of them. With tight schedule of people, they expect and wants to have someone who could take care of their dogs. And that’s when you can come forward and earn money.

21. Real Estate Sales Consultants

Real Estate Sales Consultants

Those who wants to earn extra pocket, can try their luck in here. As people loves to buy property and sell it at higher prices but it requires connection and lot of struggle. At that time you can help them as a mediocre by helping them in buying and selling and earning commissions through it.

22. Making Custom Furniture

Making Custom Furniture

People with good money want to have the best houses to live in. With a good view of furniture to whatnot, they want to have everything classy yet simple and stylish. They prefer to have their choice of things in the house and thus opt for custom furniture. So if you know how to make one, this is one of the best jobs for you to earn.

23. Handmade Jewellery

Handmade Jewellery

Girls out there, this is a perfect job for you. You can learn and then make handmade jewelry not only for yourselves but can consider it as a medium to earn money. In UK Women, love to wear jewelry and on marriages, you can’t even think. So, one can try in here and can make beautiful and elegant jewelry.

24. Life of Gig Walker

Another side business ideas to earn some easy cash can be on Gigwalk. You get the opportunity to choose from a diverse range of jobs including clicking pictures of hotel menus and letting people know the things available in a supermarket. This may not be a primary career option but a little side money doesn’t harm anyone.

25. Caregiving

Taking care of elders and anyone who needs care and attention is one of the purest form of love. If you love to take care of an elder, you should know about first aid, CPR and about their medicines. This way you will be able to take care of them in any circumstances.

26. Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Keeping a house clean is one of the toughest jobs and requires a great amount of strength. So if you are one of those who have OCD or an urge to keep things clean can opt for this job because carpets in the houses give them a different look.

So if the carpet is dirty, the house will automatically look dirty. So to earn some extra cash, you can help people with cleaning it.

27. House Cleaning

House cleaning

I know you people must be wondering why have I add this job here. But think of foreign countries where people earn so much by working in houses. It’s not that bad. If you love cleaning, you can choose it as a profession as no work is small and you can earn money through it too.

28. Baking

Do you know cooking and baking cure depression? Well, apart from that baking is fun too. You can earn money by baking. Wake-bake-eat-sleep. It’s the best thing and common we all live to eat. So why not eat while baking and earn money by selling your baked items.

29. Home Appraisal

Home Appraisal

Having a good knowledge of the areas, houses, banks, professional licenses to start this job. You can earn money sitting at home. Isn’t it cool?

30. Human Billboard

You must have seen people outside shops holding banners, wearing clown costumes or being a sandwich.

That’s the job of human billboard. Not everyone would like this job, but some people do. So why not?

You can earn a decent amount of cash from it.

31. Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

You all must have watched YashRaj movie- Band Baja Barat and would have enjoyed the role of Anushka and Ranveer. Right? Wedding planning requires great amount of patience and hardwork but once you are able to make a name for yourself you can earn a good amount of money.

32. Event and Party Planning

Event and Party Planning

Event and party planning might not be as famous as wedding planning but one can be a planner for birthdays, meetings, corporate events and what not. If you know event managing then this might be the right job for you.

33. Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Who wouldn’t like to be around puppies! It’s just like living the dream only cuter. A side effect of busy life can be a prevalence of unattached pets which brings affection to spare, time and patience.

34. Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning

Cleaning after spending a beautiful afternoon can be a real pain which is why most people hire workers to clean them up. This can be another way to earn some easy money if you don’t mind getting a little physical. If you like this idea, it can be a viable business ideas.

35.  Writing Erotic Fiction

Writing Erotic Fiction

Erotica is something that is enjoyed by all but they hide it from one another. Erotic fiction writing can be a successful blog writing because every single person takes out a moment from his/her day and spend time on erotica and release all his stress for the day and give life a fresh start. If you are a romantic person and can imagine erotic fiction easily and can create intense scene with your writing skills. You are good to go prepare a online portal and start writing Erotic Fiction.

36. Presentation Design Consultant

Presentation Design Consultant

Every employee has to prepare a Power point presentation once in a lifetime to present in meeting. There is no hardship in preparing presentation but people scared by it easily. If you are good at preparing PPTs, do it for earnings. People will pay good amount as they don’t have to go through all hard work to complete a task.

37. Travel Consultant

Travel Consultant

Today’s generation believes in working 5 days and week and relax next 2 days on a long weekend outside their home towns. Thus, they require travel consultant who can guide them best place for the weekend and avail all facilities at reasonable prices. People happily pay for travel consultant as they don’t want to put much of their minds in planning and get all stressed again.

38. Landing Page Specialists

Landing Page Specialists

If you know how to play with words or rank a keyword, you have a way to make huge money from choosing this business ideas as your side business. SEO, marketing has very high demand today but doesn’t have equal supply for the support. Therefore, it is great opportunity for those who are keyword-friendly. Choose it as your side business and earn as much you can.

39. Interior Designer Consultant

Interior Designer Consultant

It is not important that you should be a professional interior designer to start as interior designer consultant. But you should have good taste and sense for home or office designs. People who are professional engineers are choosing designing as their side business because they can make easy money from people who love their homes to be beautiful and are ready to pay good amount to decorate it with good colors as per their taste.

40. Babysitter


It is the great way to extra pocket money for teenagers. As the world today is busy in their work and earn lavish livelihood but don’t have to time to stay with their children. It is not bad to hire a baby sitter for your child at the time you are not available to take care. You give an advertisement on your social networking page for publicity that you work as a babysitter in your free times.

41. Property Manager

Property Manager

This type work demands dedication and flexible working hours. As the real estate investor who own numbers of property and rent it out for their earning, demands a manager who can take care of all rent collection and accounts for the boss. Therefore, you can earn decent amount if you are hard working personality.

42. Fiverr Gigs


It is great platform for new comers i.e. freelancers, who are new to the market and want to create good portfolio. They can design logo or pictures for the company and earn a good amount to support themselves. I know it cannot make you rich overnight but it gives you good returns to support your next business.

43. Essay Editor

Essay Editor

It is a good side business ideas for those you has command on languages. As many abroad institutions demand essay written by student for their future admissions. Therefore, students who has fear to fail in test are ready to pay good amount to such editor. It is best side business ideas that demands minimal efforts.

44. Portrait Photographer

Online Photo Selling

If you love to take pictures and own a camera that gives great portrait photographs, here’s a side business idea for you guys. Don’t give away your skills for free, charge nominal price for it. Everyone love great pictures for their future memory and thus are ready to pay for it. Don’t be shy to ask price for your services even its your family or friends who demand services.

45. Online Dating Consultant

Online Dating Consultant

If you are a smooth talker or extrovert, there is a great side business idea for you. Use your skills and honesty to help other who don’t possess it. There are many people searching lines to approach a boy or girl as per their preferences. Help them and charge nominal fee for your services. Work as a cupid not stupid.

46. Drive for Uber or Ola

Drive for Uber or Ola

If you are a good driver and not shy to drive a cab in your home town, here’s side business ideas for you guys. Join cab providing services as a driver and earn little extra. Today cab drivers get extra allowance to drive at nights and on national holidays. If you are free and ready to work on holidays, it’s great business ideas for you that involves no investment and no risk.

47. Rent your Car

Rent your Car

It is a opportunity for those who owns a car but don’t have time to drive around the city. Don’t let your car eat rust and use it to earn some extra money. Lend your car on websites like Turo or Zoomcar and earn tax free rental income. Don’t fear for any type of wear or tear to your car as all the risk are taken by service provider.

48. Catering Business


If you are good at cooking food and can serve large quantity in no time, here’s a business ideas for you people. Register yourself with online food chains and get orders. Eating business has always been known to create huge profits with low investment. Choose your best cuisine wisely and start delivering today.

49. App Developer

App Developer

Today internet has created job for everyone whether he/she is qualified or not. This is the business ideas for those who failed to perform good in their studies. Just opt for app developing courses that continues for not more than a month and deliver great apps to the companies. Each and every company is switching over to online platforms and thus require a person who can develop app for them at reasonable prices. It’s best opportunity for those who love to play with software.

50. News Writer

News Writer

There are many website online that provides daily news to general public and these news are written by member from general public itself. It is not the job that should be continued by highly qualified writers, it can be done by you guys out there. All you need to do is choose your words wisely.

51. Buy and Sell Domain Names

Buy and Sell Domain Names

It is the great side business to run along with your regular jobs. All you need to do is keep eye on good domain names available at cheap prices and buy them right away. Hold those domain names with yourself when someone crazy want to buy it from you in extremely high prices. Domains are something that hold the market in future and thus people think less and invest more in domains.

52. Data Analysis

Licensed Product Distributor

There are many companies that want to hire a talented data analyst for themselves. If you are good at analysing traffic, start working as a freelancer alongside your regular job and earn good amount from rendering services.

53. Sell Electronic Parts

Sell Electronic Parts

If you have little knowledge of electronic stuff, start pooling the stuff from the market and sell them online. There is a huge electronic market online that requires small spare parts daily. It’s great side business ideas for you to earn good money while investing less.

54. Licensed Product Distributor

Data AnalysisStart your online fashion store. Yes, I know you all were thinking that opening a store require huge investment but not in this case. All you need to do is display the products online and share on social pages. When any interested buyer contact you, get in touch with the seller and deliver the product and earn easy commission. Afterwards, when you gain popularity it will be easy to maintain stock.

55. Airbnb Host

Airbnb Host

You can rent your extra property to Airbnb for their business and earn rental income from it. You can also be a host to the tourist staying at your place and earn little extra alongside rental income via offering services like site seeing and visiting popular places nearby. It will not give you little extra money but also gives joy to know people from other places and make them friends.

56. Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

Fitness industry is gaining popularity day by day and our youth today is leading to fitter world. Thus, always require a trainer who can guide them the right way to achieve their goals. There are many people who has already opt this side business ideas and earning well while rendering services.

57. Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructor

If you are doing yoga from quiet a long time to stay fit, then you know much of it by now. In your free time or in your yoga time you can give classes to new people who wants to join yoga and lead fitter life. Demand for yoga instructor are increasing day by day and supply is quiet low alongside the demand.

58. Own a YouTube Channel

Own a YouTube Channel

Today everybody is busy with their smartphones watching loads of videos on YouTube while they are good enough to entertain or not. People are earning good amount on posting daily stuff. It can be related to serious matters, news, jokes or your hidden talents. Identify your talents and start your YouTube page today and earn some extra cash.

59. Translator


If you have mastered in some language other than your mother tongue. Here’s easy side business ideas for you. Work as freelancer and render services to those who need a translator for their work and other purposes.

60. Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer

There some people still alive that love to watch or read scary stuff. If you are good at imagining things, start writing ghost stories and publish them in your blogs. You can earn good money to start your next business and if your narration is a hit, you can earn more than your regular jobs in long run.

61. Alteration and Tailoring

Alteration and Tailoring

People who love to stitch stuff. It’s a business ideas for you, design clothes for people with your fashion sense. You can earn from small works like alteration as well. It will give you good amount with less work.

62. Be a Task Rabbit

Be a Task Rabbit

You can render services to your neighbors i.e. do old school jobs like plumbing, electrician and be a helping hand to your neighbors.

63. Finance Expert

Finance ExpertIf you are in finance and know much about investing schemes, help other people invest their money in fruitful place so that they can get good returns. People require an expert who can guide them right way to invest their earnings. It could be a good side business ideas but won’t make you millionaire.

64. Book-keeping

Book keeping

If you are already working as an account or have much knowledge about keeping books. It’s a million dollars idea for you guys because usually people get confuse in maintaining their books and end up mixing every account. Thus, are ready to pay huge money to accountants and give away all their worries.

65. Niche-Based Website

Niche Based Website

Analyse your hobbies and interest to start a niche-based website for the people with same taste. It is easy to rank niche-based website on google as you will have same type of content available on your site. It can make you rich in no time once you provide good content to public.

66. Car Wash

Car wash

People are so busy with themselves that they don’t have much time to take of their cars. Most of the people get their cars clean every day by their servant or daily-wage car cleaner but these people does not clean cars properly in and out. Cars require cleaning with pressure pumps and dry cleaners. Thus, provide car cleaning services from and to doorsteps of the customer. You can take telephonic orders or start a online portal to take order for long run.

67. Caretaker


It is important to take care of elders and it is hard to take care of them at the same time. You may need some license, training and tax return to start this business as to take care of elders you should know how to use first aids CPR and other stuff. Therefore, it requires much higher investment and involves higher risk.

68. Carpet cleaner


It is hard to wash or clean carpet at homes. Thus, people prefer to get their carpet clean from market. Provide this cleaning services at their doorstep. Take cleaning products along with yourself and get their carpet clean in no time. It is easy and high paid task.

69. House Cleaner

Cleaning services

It is not easy to get maid these days and if you have one there is no guarantee that she or he cleans well.

People with high hygiene require good cleaning activity at their homes once a week or twice a month.

Help them cleaning their house properly and earn some extra money.

The above mentioned are some side business ideas that may help you earn some extra money other than your regular jobs. It can change to your main business in no time once you gain popularity and success in your field. We hope you find the above ideas helpful and interesting.