How Mapping Software Can Help increases Business Sales

Business sales are firmly dependant on the hard work, dedication, planning, and expertise of the sales team. Understanding how this process unfolds is a critical component to the efficiency of the group.

This includes ongoing evaluation, using an interpretation of data, and analysis of trends. Unfortunately, manual review of spreadsheets is labor-intensive and limited in the geographical scope. Mapping software helps connect the sales team to geographical representation.
These visualizations are brought to life with a map creator, defining the current customer network with pinpoints on the map. From there, teams can establish and build accountability. This includes developing structure, goals, and milestones to the overall objectives.

Mapping Helps Define Accountability

Knowing their roles and responsibilities within a team is the first step of any sales process. Accounts are often divided among the group, giving each account to a specific individual.

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From there, most sales areas are divided into territories, with each region having particular sales goals. Defining these territories depends on the account structuring and the geographic locations of responsibility.

These boundaries are determined by a city, ZIP code, or region within a city. Having these clear definitions increases the responsibility of individual team members—every representative has an understanding of their position within the team without competing for accounts.
Defining these geographical areas of responsibility is effortless with a business mapping tool.

The visual reminders highlight the areas of every member while showing the overall dollar value earned with each member. Additionally, management can evaluate various consumer subsets within each region, whether those are target customers or secondary profiles.

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Address lists collected within the regions are imported to the CRM software, creating a sales reference as a visual aid. Mapping software highlights current sales efforts, including sales overlap.

The visual assistance connects sales team members with the demographics within their area. Users can visually see different concentrations of accounts, including any open or potential areas for growth.

Mapping software allows secondary features to be added to the software, including additional profile items (like order size or income).

Develop Long Term Strategies with Visualization

Whether your company is a small team or a substantial organization, everyone wants to know where they belong in the big picture.

By highlighting the sales strategy and business planning for the foreseeable future (five to ten years, for example), team members feel secure and motivated to push through lows and focus their attention on the strategies at hand.

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This level of business mapping can provide informative platforms for developing long-term business strategies overall. By reviewing the current geographic areas, management can create a targeted plan for growth.

Show Potential to Your Sales Team

Having regular meetings with your sales team is helpful for projections and planning. It’s also beneficial for identifying different areas within territories that are being underutilized.

While 5,000 clients may seem impressive on paper, having them reviewed through mapping software might show large regions within the territory that aren’t being reached. Assess each territory with an open mind; consider whether these demographics are your company’s target audience or if they’re not interested.

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Evaluate competitive reach within your region

Virtually every business has competition. The key to competition is understanding where the competition stands when it comes to your clientele. When looking over your business map, consider where prime competitors are in relation to your saturation.

Are there areas that seem virtually untapped, with a direct competitor nearby? Maybe your company is thriving in a highly competitive space that has a substantial population?

There is more to mapping software than just simple outlines on paper. Users can evaluate current marketing efforts, established areas within a region, and competitive influence overall when adequately considered.

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Increase Communication Levels

When planning sales territories, even division is essential. Unfortunately, many companies split the area into geographical markers (like ZIP codes, for example) without considering the client base in each area. As a result, some sales representatives may hold an uneven portion of customers due to winning the highest performing area.

By having a detailed map, both management and sales representatives will have an equal opportunity to see the current audience and how that influences their position in the company. 

Some areas may need to be shared between multiple reps to ensure even distribution. Likewise, balanced workloads, compensation, and customer preference need careful review too. Without complete awareness, division of responsibility is nothing more than a lottery pick for your sales agents.

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