How to Make Money on Poshmark: The Resale Game is On

Reselling clothes, furniture, and home decors had been in vogue for a long time, even before the mobile apps and online platforms came. But with the emergence of online reselling apps like Poshmark, the game went to a different level.

Nowadays, even teens are making money online with the resale strategy. Poshmark stands out as one of the leading reselling apps for clothing and fashion accessories, that young women prefer. 

Poshmark user, Kali Borovic said that she earned around $1200 within 2 months, just by selling off her used clothing. Do you want to make some money as well? 

We are there to guide you on how to make money on Poshmark. But before we hit on the tips for selling on Poshmark, let’s understand what Poshmark is.

What do you understand by Posh and how does it work?

Posh, online used clothe reselling platform started in 2011. It slowly grew into one of the full-time gigs for people who would like to make an extra buck.

The app started a social platform initially and then turned into a resale platform from clothes to all types of fashion accessories. This is still a social platform where you interact with people on one hand shop from their closets on the other. What’s more with Poshmark? The convenience of selling apparel from your phone. 

Millions of users across the world are making money with the Poshmark strategy. According to the Poshmark authorities, they have paid about a billion dollars to the users here.

Things to know about Poshmark before you start selling:

Before we move on to Poshmark tips for selling, let’s understand how the platform works. 

  • Ever profile in Poshmark works like a closet where you upload images of your resale item.
  • You are free to check feeds from other closets and like or buy.
  • Like feeds from other social media platforms, Poshmark displays newly added items to your closet on the top. 
  • Product descriptions are important here for people to locate your item with a keyword.
  • There are showrooms in this app for you to check out the trending fashion.

Navigation on this app is divided into 5 sections:

  1. A page for sellers: This gives you access to different closets, profiles, purchase options, tools for selling, and many more.
  1. Newsfeed: This is the section where you get alerts on new additions of products, increase in followers, sales, comments, likes, and offers.
  1. Sell: Selling section is the place to add items to your closet with a single tap.
  1. Shop: Shopping section takes you to the showrooms and parties to search and choose the fashion.
  1. Feed: Feed is the section where people share their products and others get to see them.

How does Poshmark work?

Do you want to know how Poshmark works? Here are some clues from successful users’ selling on Poshmark tips.

  • The working process is pretty simple and the same as any other social media platform. You need to follow some user for their fashion, some other user follows you. There are comments sections after each post where buyers comment on products you upload. You need to respond to their queries over here.
  • There is a minimum commission amount of $2.95 applicable on every sale you make below $15. If you are making a sale above $15 then the commission amount goes up to 20%
  • Studies reflect that people who are Poshmark active users, allowing about 20 hours in a week time, you can easily earn $500 a month. 

How to be successful on Poshmark?

Do you want to be a successful seller on Poshmark? Here are 10 tips on how to sell more quickly on Poshmark:

1. This is a social app and calls for understanding:

the first step towards success in Poshmark is understanding the app. What’s there to understand? This is a social media app that requires frequent interaction. You can simply operate the app like Instagram.

Putting up the photos of your fashion goods on the app will not help in selling the. You need to interact with buyers and followers about it. Explain your product, leave a description, answer the queries regarding them left by the followers.

Being active is the key to success here. interact with people, let your products get shared.

2. Give your posts strategically:

Like any business, this also calls for some strategic planning. Here need to strategically plan your posts so that you have more viewers and higher sell.

Some users observed that night time is the best time for all posts since the majority of the users and followers are active then.

3. Add fresh items on your closet on a regular basis:

How many times do you leave a post on your closet? Of course, this will vary with the number of products you have to resell. To make your activity more regular, you can visit thrift stores to get more items. 

It is suggested that you post a new fashion item at least once a day to stay active and visible.

4. Take photos that are well styled and of good quality:

Take out the clothes you want to sell and click some nice photos wearing them. Ensure the clothes you shoot in are clean and bright. If they have stains, washing before a shoot is essential. 

Choose angles for the shoot that makes you look fabulous. Sellers say you need a cover photo that is good to cause a blast if you want them to return to your profile for more. “Flat lay” is an ideal style of photography here.

5. Brand your closet:

To make your closet memorable, you need to give it a tagline or brand image. Try taking photos and grouping them as per style. Name these groups. 

6. Sell as per the trend:

If you want your sell to increase, you need to know what items sell best on Poshmark. Knowing the trend will help in selling high volumes fast. 

For this, you need to do a little market survey and follow the comments and feedback. 

Some brands that are trending are:

  • ZARA
  • Loft
  • GAP
  • The Banana Republic and many more

7. Never mislead your followers:

Your followers are your main buyers here. Whenever you put a fashion item on your closet, ensure you write a detailed description. Be honest with what you write. you don’t want to mislead your followers and lose faith.

8. Fair pricing of products:

Poshmark is a platform where you connect first. Resale fashion is the 2nd utility of this platform. So, if you want to have a constant flow of sell, you need to concentrate on connecting. See what your followers demand and what price they are willing to pay. Don’t overprice your used clothes.

9. Online price comparison:

Your followers are likely to compare your product and price with others. Why don’t you do the same as well? Compare prior and set the price accordingly. Don’t judge products by sentimental values.

10. Work hard:

This might sound an easy job, but it truly isn’t. It will call for a lot of effort. You can contact Poshmark if you need any help from their end. Invest your time in styling, clicking nice photos, and most importantly, staying active online.


We have covered how to sell on Poshmark fast. If you think you have the right fashion for resale, go online and get into the game today. Start earning money from fashion.

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