Top 30 Business ideas in Gujarat for NEW Entrepreneurs

Becoming an entrepreneur is the new professional trend amongst dynamic and young individuals. Gujarat among all other states in India has become the hub for entrepreneurs nowadays. If you want to start some small business ideas in Gujarat, here is valuable information on the same.

Top 30 business ideas for Gujarat:

If you want exclusive business ideas in Gujarat, here are 30 such options. The aim is to introduce business concepts in low investment and high-income format.

1. Handicraft and Art related Business

Gujarat is already well known among foreigners and tourists because of its archaeological importance. Selling handicraft items near the temples and historical tourist spots is a great option for small businesses.

2. Production of Chemicals and Fertilizers

Gujarat is one of the leading agricultural states in India. No doubt there is a constant need for good chemicals and eco-friendly fertilizers. Production and selling of such items can fetch good income.

3. Production of Raw Materials for Clothing

This has been a common business concept in Gujarat for a long time. The textile industry has seen business growth amongst producers of clothing raw materials to a great extent.

4. Paper Production and inscription

Paper production and printing is a low investment and high demand business. Industry and corporate offices are growing massively in Gujarat. This no doubt is likely to give birth to enhanced demand for paper supply stationery supply.

You can start your business from scratch and yet earn high with paper supply. Also, printing service is something that requires only the machine. You can cater to both companies and textile with card printing or printing on clothing.

5. Manufacturing of Vaseline:

Vaseline or petroleum jelly are in high demand in the catering business and other industries. So, if you get into the manufacturing of that, your business growth and income are guaranteed.

6. Manufacturing Jeans

Gujarat is one of the biggest consumers of Jeans in India. The fashion of denim is in vogue amongst all genders. Hence, manufacturing jeans is one of the most intelligent ideas in Gujarat.

7. Mobile Vehicle cleaning service

This is yet another small investment business thought, very much suitable for Gujarat. All you need is a space for the cash and a machine for washing. What can be more promising business than a car wash in a state where the automobile industry is booming.

8. Store for authentic food

Gujarat is already famous as a tourist spot. Nowadays people just don’t explore a place for its heritage values only. Savoring the local delicacies form a major part of the tours. Having food joint and catering people with authentic Gujarati food is a smart way to run a business.

9. Papad Production

This is a common business option for female entrepreneurs in Gujarat. The aim is to preserve the original art of papad making and converting it into a successful business. It sells well as the majority of people are now days lacking time for the strenuous preparation phase.

10. Fashion Consultancy

Fashion and culture know no binding in Gujarat. On one side you have the authentic, cultural dressing concepts on the other are the modern designs. One can earn a lot by being a fashion consultant or designer. You can think of fusion or simply hold on to your traditional fashion ideas.

11. Production of Salt

Production of salt is probably something for which your investment will only be restricted to the production machinery. In Gujarat, you get India’s longest seacoast. So, your access to raw materials of raw materials is unlimited and free of cost.

12. Open a store for stones and gems

Gujarat is not only blessed with extensive sea line, but also with access to valuable stones. If you have a free space to open a store, a stone and gem store with creative jewelry design can be a great business.

13. Start an ice cream salon

In a state where the average climatic temperature round the year remains within 29°C to 45°C, having a parlor for ice creams seems like an ideal option. Try opening a store near popular tourist spots for more flow of business and higher income.

14. Mobile joint for food

Local delicacies not only sell in authentic restaurants but also in mobile vans. In fact, mobile vans are more preferred by people because of their rate and authenticity. This a good startup option for people seeking a small and slow beginning.

15. Catering Business

The Gujarati Marriages and events are known for their pomp and showmanship. Food in any Gujrati even is always elaborate. So, if you are good with menus and catering to people, this is a great opportunity to earn a profit.

16. Store for Antiques

As discussed already, Gujarat will over your history, heritage, and architecture. With history comes antiques and handicrafts. Begin your collection today and become a store owner of antique items. The priceless items sell well amongst tourists and foreigners leading to huge earning.

17. Sweet and Dessert Shops

If you have considered local and traditional delicacies as a good source for business, why not give the authentic Gujarati sweets and desserts a shot? Catering to the sweet tooth of people in a store is sure to attract huge businesses in a neighborhood. This is more relevant as every one might not be aware of the traditional recipes, but they do know how to appreciate it.

18. Store for Books

This is a business idea that doesn’t call for too much investment. All you need is a place to store and display your book collection and some great quality books. Enhance your knowledge of the trending books in the market and the classic authors. Decorate a nice bookstore. Footfall and business are assured here.

19. Home delivery of Groceries:

People of the modern world prefer going online for everything, including food and grocery shopping. Let your customers not worry about visiting the market and getting their groceries anymore. Let the groceries reach them smooth. Kirana is one such grocery delivery business, which helps you earn extra on every home delivery.

20. Gift Shop for Customized Festival Presents

Are you aware of all the festivals in Gujarat? Do you know the gifting trend there? If yes, think of all the business opportunities you have if you open up a store for gifts. Add more value and customer satisfaction with customized gifts for festivals. The more satisfied customers you have, the better it is for your business.

21. Managing an Event

Event management is a big business plan with the least possible investment. Managing an event is all about the customer and public relations. You need to be good at outsourcing all the small requirements of a party. Gujarat is already famous for the big events happening there for birthdays, weddings, and business meetings. This is sure to enhance the profit percentage.

22. Yoga Consultant

With the world focus on the health benefits of Yoga, being an instructor has never been more beneficial. If you are healthy, fit and an expert in Yoga, its time to pass on the wisdom to more people. You can earn as a freelancer.

23. Nutrition Consultant

Diet and nutrition are key factors in a healthy lifestyle. If you have studied nutrition or have clarity on healthy food habits, being a nutritionist is great to start your career as a freelancer.

24. Home-made food business

Are you a chef? Do you maintain hygiene standards while cooking? Its time to seek a career in the home-made food catering business. Home-made food is always in demand amongst working professionals. It is always preferred over junks.

25. Spice Production

Indian spices are in demand among foreign tourists. Cater to their needs with organically produced spices. Gujarat is famous for its spices.

26. Travel Consultancy

We know Gujarat is touristic. We know there are heritage and nature both. Pass on this information in detail to all the visitors. You have great earning opportunities as a travel consultant here.

27. Real estate broker

The real estate market is booming in the world. Everybody is searching either for their dream homes or offices. Being a broker, all you need to do is communicate with people, show them around, and great property contacts. This is a no investment business opportunity for every beginner in real estate.

28. Freelance earning

Online freelancing is probably a zero investment business plan for one to think of. You can earn from content writing, editing photos etc. Your only investment is a computer system and internet connection.

29. Ecommerce

Get your business license and start your e-commerce business. Pre-established e-commerce websites like Amazon will allow you to sell your products online and earn money upon delivery.

30. Website development

With the world going online, web development and designing are in high demand amongst every startup company. Be the one to assist in creating a successful website and earn a profit.

31. Graphics Designing

In the upcoming few years, the graphics industry will grow more as new startups and businesses come, online businesses, web developments, app developments, online advertisement, offline advertisement, etc. As this industry grows the demand for the skills of graphic designers will increase as well. In-app developments, web developments, social media posts, etc. there is a huge need for graphic posts and most probably it will keep growing in the future.

In the last few months, many AI tools launched for image editing, graphics designing, etc. As a result, a lot of people think the AI will take their jobs but in reality, the AI will take the jobs of those people who are not skilled and do not have good knowledge in the field.

If you are skilled, have good experience, knowledge then there is very little chance that AI can impact your job or work you do like graphic designing.

In a few words, starting a small startup, business, or agency to provide all the solutions related to graphic designing. There are many types of graphic design like illustration, motion graphic design, and many more.

Once you are growing, you can provide more services like image editing, video editing, etc. which is slightly related to graphic designing. By offering these services to your old customers you can get good results very quickly.

32. T-shirt Printing

Most probably you have seen in every small and medium-size clothing store that there is a huge supply and demand of non-brand cloths. With time the market size of the non-bands cloths is increasing.

As of now, there are a lot of t-shirt printing machines available at an affordable cost. The machines are easy and safe to operate and anyone who has some basic knowledge and understanding can operate it easily.

There are a lot of supplies of all types of clothing like clothes shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and many more. You can buy the RAW clothes from there and start printing the t-shirts. T-shirt printing costs are very low as a result you can sell these clothes at a very affordable cost.

You can sell these clothes in retail clothing shops. In many locations like small cities, there are huge opportunities for business. You can easily supply the printed shirts in those shops at a low cost.

Gujrat is one of the largest states in the textile business in India. As a result, buying clothes in bulk from the state can be a lot more beneficial and cost-saving than in other states. Do complete in-depth research on this before making a decision.

Once the t-shirt printing business starts growing, you can start manufacturing jeans, shirts, and other items related to lifestyle and fashion.

Note: Do complete research on it like the cost of the RAW cloths, investments, demand in the market, license, registration, etc.

33. Mobile Repair

In the mobile phone repair business there are also good opportunities. As it is a type of business that can be run by retail and business too. In most cases, these types of mobile phone repair stores are run by retailers.

Most people prefer to repair their phones in offline stores. An offline store can cover a limited area. In a few words, people prefer to go the mobile phone repairing stores that are near from they live and the quality of the parts they use to repair their mobile phones.

There are also many mobile phone repair stores that use low-quality, second-hand parts in mobile phones to repair them. Sometimes they also charge a lot of money for repairs.

In a few words, you can start a business of mobile phone repair with a few stores at the start. Providing mobile phone repair with high-quality parts, and a t affordable parts can attract a lot of people.

Online advertising near the locations of your stores can attract the maximum number of people for mobile phone repair. By providing a good quality service you can build a brand in a few years. In this business, there is very low risk if it is planned with proper research. In the business, the completion rate is also very low, there are only retail stores for mobile phone repair.


Look for all the suitable nominal expense business opportunities around you. Select the one that suits your expertise and start off.

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