Top 31 Business ideas in Delhi for Entrepreneurs Seeking Startup

Delhi doubt stands as a crucial commercial hub in the country. The major business sectors revolve around IT, hospitality, telecom etc. Since it’s the power hub of India, its obvious that Delhi will provide small entrepreneurs with abundant business opportunities in connection with the major fields.

If you want small business ideas in Delhi, this is the correct forum for you.

Top 31 business ideas in Delhi to opt for:

Delhi, the hub of business development will offer you several opportunities to start with. You can consider the below top 31 business ideas in Delhi if you want to start as an entrepreneur. They are meant to fetch you high profits against low investment.

1. An all-purpose Store for Small Trades

Small stores that serve several purposes under one roof are in demand in Delhi. You can invest in such stores that keep some kids’ clothing, toys, stationeries, flowers etc. This sells well in a small neighborhood.

2. Mobile Food Van

If you know how to cook delicious junk food or snacks items, then a mobile food van can help you procure money easily. Delhi is the city of food lovers. Serve them with mouth-watering finger items like parathas and momos and secure strong clientele. This will save establishment costs to a great extent.

3. Binding, Printing and Photocopy

A low investment option here. All you need a photocopy, printing and binding machine and your problem is resolved. Try to open your store near offices and educational institutions. The demand is more in these regions and hence the earning opportunity.

4. Fixing Garage

Owning a garage for repairing is a common business observed in Delhi and Haryana side. If you have knowledge about automobiles, it’s a good business opportunity. You can expect to repair work frequently.

5. Fleet of e-rickshaw

In Delhi, e-rickshaws are in demand. So, if you spend on one rickshaw, soon you will be earning enough profit to invest in a fleet of your own. The remaining earning is very much predictable.

6. Home Beauty Service

Mobile beauty service is a business opportunity or female entrepreneurs. Own some basic parlor equipment that can be carried easily. Service at a client’s residence is the best something that Delhi women are looking forward to.

7. Caring for Pets

Do you love animals? Are they welcome at your home? You can think of starting your career in pet caring. Open up a pet care institution at your home. Do you their busy schedules, Much working personnel aren’t able to care for their fur buddies properly. Give these tail-wagging love bundles all the care. It’s an earn and fun opportunity for you.

8. Event Management

Event management can be a big business plan. You need to start slow and spread across all the verticals of an event. Events like marriages and office parties are conducted in an upscale manner in Delhi. Seek the opportunity and make money.

9. Real Estate Broker

The real estate market in Delhi is a strong way to make you rich without any financial investment. Be a broker and assist people in procuring the ideal home or office for themselves. All you need here is public relations, proper contacts, and patience to show people across different properties.

10. Eco-friendly Gardening

Organic farming and gardening are very much in demand nowadays. People are looking for fruits and plants that are farmed organically, without chemical intervention. You can produce organic vegetables and fruits and sell them in grocery stores and individuals.

11. Tuition Center

Did you know you can earn a lot by opening up a center for coaching classes? If you know subjects well and have knowledge of interactive teaching procedures, your business is sure to bloom.

Invest in AV-projectors and give your students an interactive session, the number of students is sure to increase soon.

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12. Handicraft items

If you are good at art and craft, then there is good news. Handmade items like bags, cushion covers etc. have excessive demand over machine-made products in Delhi. You can reach out to people through e-commerce sites or by personal contacts. Selling your handicraft items is a good way to earn.

13. Bakery

Do you know how to bake? Are you creative? Homemade birthday cakes and bread are always preferred over commercially produced ones. Creative and customized cakes and fetch you more profit. This is a small business idea though but offers a chance of future growth.

14. Freelance Photographer

People who have a great sense of photography have a bright future ahead as freelance photographers. You only invest in a camera that can be used professionally. Photography sessions in marriages help you earn high revenue.

15. Travel Consultant

With the online booking portals becoming available for common people, travel agents have lost their demand to a great extent. But not everyone is a travel expert. Having knowledge of destinations gives you an upper-hand to plan tours for others to earn as a consultant.

16. PG Service

Do you have a room free in your house or a flat at the disposal? Paying guest service can be a great way to earn as many young people come to Delhi every month from other states in search of a job. Providing them cheap accommodation and food in some cases can give you a slow yet steady flow of income.

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17. Car wash facility

The number of car owners is high in Delhi. If you have a free garage space, convert it into a car washing area. Here you invest only on the vehicle washing machine. Car washes are frequently requested by people. This will help you set a business from your neighborhood only.

18. Florist Shop

Do you know how to make decorative items from flowers? Florists service is a business commonly expected out of businesswomen.  All you need here is a small store to keep your flowers, station to make a decorative piece and sell flowers in bundles. You need to invest in a few small types of equipment like scissors and sponges and the rest is all art.

19. Dabba business

This is a common business in Delhi. Working people lack time to prepare food at home. Moreover, the consumption of food from the canteen or restaurants on a daily basis is unhealthy. Hence, comes the need of homemade food delivery service. All you need is a ‘Dabba’ or tiffin box and person to deliver it to people in an office or home and cooking skill.

20. Blogging

If you are skilled in creative writing, why don’t you start your own blog? Write on several topics to influence people and earn money.

21. Web Development and Designing

If you have a clue on making SEO friendly websites, your opportunity to develop your business is high. With the world advancing technologically and depending on SERP, quality designing of website layout and development pays high to a developer.

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22. App-cab Service

App-cab like Ola, Uber, and similar are highly trending in Delhi. If you own a vehicle and it is not being used to its optimum, put it out for commercial cab service. You can get into a tie-up with the apps and earn on a commission basis.

23. Dietician

Human beings now days are extremely becoming health conscious. We are bothered about what we eat and how much we eat. If you are fit and have nutrition knowledge, then you can start your career as a freelance dietician. People pay high to have proper diet advice along with a workout routine.

24. Driving trainers

If you are an expert driver and have a car to spare, you can open up a driving training school of your own. Train people to drive. Assist people in taking their driving license exams and earn your profit.

25. Students Car-Pool Services

The majority of parents in Delhi are working and lack time to pick up and drop their kids to school. Can you spare your car here? If yes, the business sure to grow fast with car-pool service for kids.

26. Fitness Center

Do you have some space in your house to spare as a center for fitness training? Are you fit for yourself? Motivate people to exercise and guide them how to do it correctly. People are conscious of their structure; they will pay you for fitness.

27. Tattoo Salon

Tattoo making is an art you can explore if you have knowledge. Getting a tattoo done is the fashion trend in the market and can guarantee a high profit.

28. Social Media Management

Big companies and brands are now days engaging freelance managers to care for their social media profiles. If you understand the operational procedure, aid these companies with strong content, and earn a profit.

29. Dance Tuition

Are you a trained dancer? Spread the knowledge, starting with your neighborhood. Dances classes pay well with the increase in demand for becoming star dancers in the reality shows.

30. Cybersecurity

To start this business, you need knowledge about hacking and programming. With increasing app and internet dependence, people want to ensure their personal security more through cyberspace now.

31. Boutiques

Do you understand fashion? Do you have creative apparel designs in mind? Open up a boutique. People like unique dressing items to flaunt in parties.

See which option suits you the most and set forth with your small business setup.

32. Wedding Photography

In Delhi, there is a good opportunity to make a lot of money through wedding photography. According to a report in Delhi more than 60,000+ marriages were registered in 2019. It is old data and you can expect nearly 100,000 as of now. In the next few years, we can see a massive jump in the number again.

In every marriage, people hire a photographer to capture the movements on camera with high quality. A marriage is a beautiful day for everyone as a result they ask photographers to make videos and take images. So, that in future they can view it.

The cost of photography (taking images, videos, and editing) starts from Rs. 30,000 to 100,00 very easily. As the inflation rate rises the cost of photography will rise too not only in Delhi but in the whole country too.

As we mentioned above marriage is a very beautiful day for everyone as a result they prefer to hire a professional photographer who can take good images and videos. Not only taking they should also have skills to edit them to make them more beautiful.

If you have seen any video recording of any marriage, then most probably it looks very poor because of the bad quality video editing. As a result, most people prefer to pay more money to hire a professional and skilled photographer.

You can start a small business on wedding photography but make sure you or your team have good skills to take high-quality photos and videos.

In the business, the investment cost can be very high but it is a time investment. You should do some research related to wedding photography in Delhi to reduce risk in the business.

33. Beauty Parlor

Beauty Parlor is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. It is a very small size business where the chance of risk is also very low. This business idea is only for women or girls.

In all the cities including small cities, there are a very large number of beauty parlors for the makeup of the girls. In Delhi, the number is very high and most of the girls and women do makeup before any major or small events. For outstanding makeup, they prefer a beauty parlor.

The beauty parlor business can be started with a low budget as well as a high budget. In a low-budget beauty parlor business there are very high chance that only a few customers come because of a lack of equipment. But starting a low-budget beauty parlor in a small town can give good profits.

In the beauty parlor business, there is very tough competition and to start a beauty parlor with all types of equipment and products you need a very high investment, and people who are skilled in makeup, hair, etc. In case you are starting a large beauty parlor.

You can attract customers to your beauty parlor by showing your great work on social media. In the starting also prefer to do some online advertisements to attract more people. Online advertisement, is very affordable and gives good results in very less time.

34. Gym

The charges in the Delhu Gyms are very high and not everyone can afford it. Hope you know that there are millions of people from different states who are working in Delhi. Most gym monthly fees are very close to their expenses. In a few words, there are a lot of people who can not afford the gym fee but they have a desire to go gym and work on fitness.

At this type of place, you can start a budget-friendly GYM with all the equipment in it. Starting a budget-friendly gym with a good trainer can make good profits for you from the Gym. You should start a budget-friendly gym at those places or locations where a lot of people live or do jobs.

Before starting a gym do proper research because the cost of renting a place, the charges of the trainer, and the equipment can be very high. If you you getting any place at a lower cost then you should go for it. Locate other budget-friendly gyms and research whether are they making a profit or not. If yes then how.

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