Top 35+ Business Ideas in Kerala for Soaring Profit Against Low Investment

9 to 5 office job has become boring nowadays. The young Indian minds are now keener on exploring their opportunities as entrepreneurs.

If you are in need of exclusive business ideas in Kerala, then you are on the correct platform.

When you are beginning a new business, we understand that investment might be a constraint. That’s why we want to focus on the commerce ideas that are expected to have a soaring profit against nominal investment.

35+ Business ideas in Kerala Trending at the Moment

Do you want to seek your career as an entrepreneur? If yes, below are 39 great business ideas in Kerala that will help you earn a huge profit.

1. Event business for decoration

Are you creative and business oriented both? Decorating for events can be the ideal gig for you. This is a relatively new business thought. Event management practices are well known. You add to that by investing your creative thoughts.

2. Tuitions based out of home

Smart and knowledgeable teachers are hard to find these days. All you need to do is provide your students with quality study materials and make their classroom experience memorable.Interactive AV sessions in home tuitions are always appreciated.

3. Making paper cups and plates

Kerala is going eco-friendly with the plastic bans. So obviously paper cup and plate making can turn out to be a business in demand. These are now days preferred by party organizers and companies, Dhabas and tea stalls.

4. Home Bakery

Kerala people have always appreciated good bakery items. If you are an expert in baking, why not change it to a business? It doesn’t even call for too much investment.

5. Home-made food business

Can you cook? Got access to cooking fuel? You can think about the home-made food business. With enhanced working hours, people hardly get cooking time at home. Moreover, the consumption of outside food is not healthy. Start your catering business for office goers with delicious home-made healthy food.

6. Managing an event

Event management is a big spectrum of business you are talking about. Being an event manager can take a toll on you. To keep this business together you need to focus on several forums in one go. If you want to do this, you need to take a slow start. Consider all the expenditures and add your profit on top of it before you pitch for your services for events.

7. Making Papadum and pickles

Papadum and pickle making business is something common amongst female entrepreneurs in Kerala. Due to hectic schedules, we don’t get time for these. So, it’s time to showcase your Grandma’s recipe and win over hearts.

8. Installing an ATM machine

Do you own an area of 100 sq. ft? Is it well placed in a crowded location? Approach A bank, with no nearby ATM to install their machine in your plot. This can help you earn thousands.

9. Repairing electronic items

This is a small business concept for people who is an expert in handling technical repairment. Electronic items in demand for every household work. The breakdown is common after a few days. A repairing shop will fetch you good business from your neighborhood.

10. Expert in Social media

If you are an expert in social media, having strong knowledge of the online marketing system, become a freelance consultant. Companies and brands are focusing highly on social media marketing nowadays. Social media management earns here.

11. Grocery Stores

The most conventional business startup idea is to open up your own grocery store. This is will require some investment in your end, but the profit is guaranteed.

12. Real Estate broker

Every individual looks forward to real estate either for social status or for simple investment. Be a broker and introduce people to their dream house. To be a pioneer in this business you need to invest time and good communication.

13. Gymnasium

Do you have a free space to lease out for a gymnasium? Are you a fitness expert? Open up your own gym. Everyone is concerned about their health now. Expert fitness advice is always appreciable along with a platform for working out.

14. Interior Decoration consultant

Being a consultant for interior decoration is a profession for creative people. If you have exciting ideas about home and office decoration and then try consulting. Knowledge of enhancing the aesthetics of your home or office is in demand and can fetch profit without much investment.

15. Snacking business

Are you a chef? Are you fast? Try out opening a fast food joint. People like to try out tasty finger food for snacking. Soon you will be earning a lot out of it.

16. Juice Store

Fresh juice is always preferred over canned ones. In a dry climatic area like Kerala, a fruit juice store will sell like a hot cake.

17. Nettippottu or make a dot

Ever heard of business from making dots? Here is a small investment heavy earning opportunity for female entrepreneurs in Kerala. Making dots from items like velvety cloth, gems etc. has proved to be fast earning small-scale business here.

18. Yoga training

Are you a fit and healthy person with yoga knowledge? Start your business as a fitness influencer with yoga training.

19. YouTube channel

You can make a difference by putting up your influential videos on your YouTube channel and sharing. It’s good earning. You can share videos of cooking, education, technology discussions, etc.

20. Blogging

Blogging is a freelance business to share your concept on different topics of expertise with the world through the internet. If you can indulge in creative writing then, blogs can help you earn.

21. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing business is something in demand everywhere. With big companies coming up in Kerala, your chances of earning as a digital marketer is high. Give them the best support for reaching to their clients and let your business grow.

22. Making Blankets and Quilts

Though this is a seasonal business, making blankets and quilts can fetch you a good amount If you know where to get the good materials from, your blankets are in demand.

23. Cloth Embroidery

Cloths with embroidery are demand in Kerala. It is creative and looks beautiful. If you know embroidery, your creativity is in high demand. Indulge in converting your talent into the business.

24. Salon Business

With the increasing fashion trends, styling salon demands are also soaring up. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a good salon, you need to think of it as your business. This is popular among female clients.

25. Jan Ausadhi Kendra

Do you have 130 sq. ft storage space? Start a Jan Ausadhi Kendra there. This is a business with Government tie up. It might call for an investment of about 2-3 lakhs, but the return is good.

26. Pisciculture

For people residing in the interiors of Kerala, pisciculture is a high earning business concept. You even get Government aid for starting your business.

27. Bookbinding and Photocopy

Starting a bookbinding and photocopy business near any education center is always good and high earning.

28. DJ Sound System Rental

Having a DJ system in parties is very common these days. Buy the Sound equipment and kick start your business in this field.

29. Cleaning Vehicle Exteriors

The business is simple. All you need a space for cars and a cleaning machine. People spend about 300 for each wash. Choose vacuum machines to reduce downtime and save costs.

30. Nursery

Are you nature loving with knowledge of gardening? Start a nursery today. Income is steady in selling the plants.

31. Computer Graphics Business

Consider graphic design as an excellent small business opportunity. Designing and printing charts, poster etc. are always in demand.

32. Freelance Business

The online market has several freelance business opportunities for creative writers. You can start your own farm for content writing, editing photos etc.

33. Make Candles

Candles are back in trend for decoration and auspicious purposes. If you know the technique, try making candles, even the fancy ones as your business. People pay huge for scented candles.

34. Printing Cards

All you need here is a printer to start the business. Professional business cards and cards for invitations will help your business grow.

35. Breakfast Stall

Opening a stall with breakfast items like Vada, Dosa, or similar is a great small business concept. Select a spot near big offices. Since many employees traverse the long distances to work, they miss out on breakfast. Hence the demand.

36. Form fill up

Filling up other aspirants’ form for a Government job can be will help you make thousands in one day. All you need here is a computer.

37. Selling Ecological Soil

Agricultural companies now days ask for soil that is biodegradable. This is a steady earning business if you can sell such eco-friendly soil.

38. Business with coconut

Coconut is highly available in Kerala. Think of something creative. Make sweets, oil and other items from coconut and start your business.

39. Making jute bag

With the ban on plastic in Kerala, the demand for old style jute bags is increasing. Indulging in making jute bags can help your business grow.

40. Advisory Service

The business idea is for those people who are experts in trading and investments and have at least 4 – 5 years of experience in the Indian stock market. Also making a profit at least each quarter for the last 3 – 4 years at least.

You can start advisory services where you can charge some money each month for providing buy and sell signals. It means, you have to tell your advisory service members what to buy and sell, when to buy and sell, and many more guides related to investing and trading.

In India, there are a lot of lakhs of people who are looking for these types of services from where they can get profit.

You you have good experience and knowledge then you have to apply for advisory services on SEBI and you have to take a test to get a license. Once you qualify for the exam and register you can start providing buy and sell to the people.

As of now, there are thousands of fake advisory service providers who are making a lot of money by providing fake calls and services. As a result, the SEBI and the Govt are in action and taking a lot of actions against these types of people and communities.

If you provide good calls and services and people are making a profit through your calls then you start handing the demat and trading account of the people who have a big fund. For this, you have to get one more license from the SEBI, which can be only obtained when your calls are doing good.

41. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing business ideas for those people who have a lot of active followers on their social media accounts or have a lot of subscribers on the YouTube channel. As of now, making money with affiliate marketing with active followers become very simple and easy.

Most probably most of you know about Amazon affiliate marketing but the problem is it is very tough because there is massive competition and already lakhs of large social media accounts, YouTube, and blogs, working on it.

Hope you have seen the commission on Amazon affiliate marketing is very low but below are some platforms where the commission is very high. Even you can expect at least 30% to 50% commission on each affiliate very easily. For some products, the commission is higher than the mentioned.

  • Hosting Provider Websites like namecheap, hostinger, Hostgator, etc.
  • ShareAsale: On this website, there are a lot of products listed, you can promote them on your social media platform, blog, YouTube channel, etc.
  • CJ Affiliate: This is another similar website to the above. Also On this website, you can get more products for affiliate marketing.
  • there are many sites similar to these sites but these two sites are considered best because they have a large number of products, fast paying, quick support services, easy to use dashboard, and many more…

Note: There are a lot of commissions on the products like software, services, etc. You can check the commissions on the products on the site.

42. Eco-Friendly Products

In Kerala, plastic is banned and in the next few years, plastic products will be banned in whole countries as they are very harmful to the nature and environment. Hope you know a piece of plastic takes many years to dissolve.

As a result, the use and demand for eco-friendly products will increase and as of now, it is also increasing as people are becoming mature and aware of how plastic is harming our nature.

Creating a business making eco-friendly products for different purposes can give you a lot of profit. As the demand will increase the price of the product will also increase.

Below are some product ideas on which you can work:-

  • Toys for kids
  • Bags: You can use cloths and other materials to make them. You can make bags for many things like bags for vegetables, storing products like spices, etc.
  • Reusable Products: You can make some reusable products like straws.
  • Beauty Products without chemicals.

In the last few years, the Govt banned plastic in the country but again people are using it because there are no alternatives to replace the plastic at this time. There are some limited eco-friendly products which is very few.

So, if you have any idea to replace any plastic products which are being used in the maximum house of the country and the world. With this idea, you can make millions of rupees very easily.

If you thinking of starting a business of eco-friendly products make sure you do complete research about the products, product manufacturing cost, manpower, investments, etc.

To Conclude

We have discussed on the top 35+ business concepts in Kerala. Think out of the box and build a unique business opportunity.

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