7 Ways To Earn $100 A Day (Absolutely Legit Methods)

We’ve all been there. Doing a job we don’t even like – perhaps even hate. Some even find that they have to work more than one job just to make ends meet.

Luckily, with technology as it is today, there is the opportunity to work online and make proper money. Serious cash that is enough to live on.

If you put the effort in, you can really make 100 a day. Even for busy mothers who only have time to work while the kids are at school, there are plenty of part-time gigs you can do as and when it suits.

Leaving you loads of time to spend with the family or on doing what you really love.

The even better news is that tasks you can do online are often enjoyable. It doesn’t even feel like hard work. Or in some cases, like you’re even working at all. So I know you’re now asking – how can I make $100 a day online?

There are a bunch of reasons why you may need to find out how to make $100 a day guaranteed.

And whether you need money desperately or you’re just looking for ways to increase your income, this article’s for you!

After all, as obvious as it may sound, there’s a reason that the first step to growing your wealth is to either save more money or make more money – or both, ideally!

1. Complete Surveys

Completing surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money as you can literally do it from anywhere.

Got free time on the bus to work, while in front of the TV, or when waiting for the kids to finish football practice? Then you should be definitely using this time to check a few survey sites to earn some money.

One problem with doing surveys is that a lot of them take forever to pay you out for any money you earn, so it’s best to stick to the really legit sites that offer this.

And below these sites can help you to start your journey to make money online via Surveys:

Survey Sites To EarnWebsites
Survey Junkiehttp://www.surveyjunkie.com/
Opinion Outposthttps://www.opinionoutpost.com/
Toluna Influencershttps://us.toluna.com/

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2. Make Money by Proofreading

With proofreading, you take content that other people have written and proofread it with a fine-toothed comb to make it perfect.

There’s a huge demand for proofreading, yet it is also one of the lesser-known ways to make money from home. Proofreaders are needed by bloggers and authors, small companies, to large corporations.

On average, proofreaders make $44,594 a year, according to Glassdoor. Entry-level proofreaders make at least $12 an hour, while experienced ones can charge as much as $45 an hour.

You can start making your $100 dollar from the website given below.

Proofreading PlatformsWebsites
Proofreading Serviceshttps://www.proofreadingservices.com/
People Per Hourhttps://www.peopleperhour.com/

3. Become A Search Engine Evaluator

Everybody uses the internet nowadays to get information, for entertainment and more. But because search engines are run by algorithms, they don’t always provide the best results. A search engine evaluator works by assessing the search results so that search engines can provide quality and relevant results to users.

You can find search engine evaluator gigs at Appen, Lionbridge, or iSoftstone. Once you’re in, you’ll be given keywords to search on Google or Bing. You’ll determine whether the results are relevant based on the guidelines. Finally, provide a report on your findings.

Search Engine Evaluator PlatformWebsites

The rate for search engine evaluators varies and most companies require contractors to sign a nondisclosure agreement. But according to ZipRecruiter, search engine evaluators can make around $53, 251 annually.

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4. Start Blogging


A lot of people start out blogging as a hobby–as a way to express themselves and voice their opinions. But blogging became very popular over the years that a lot of brands began investing in it. Blogging is my most favorite way on how to make $100 a day from home. It’s fun, flexible, and can be very lucrative.

The beauty of blogging is it is so cheap to start at $2.75 per month. While it took me some time to start making money with this blog, I can prove to you that anyone, even without experience, can make money from blogging.

And the important thing you need to learn is how things working in blogging and one of the greatest marketer Neil Patel blog can help you to learn from scratch and step-by-step.

5. Look for Referral Bonus

If you have two friends you think could be interested in earning money by doing surveys, playing games, or getting cashback on their shopping, you can actually get paid as a bonus if you get them to sign up through your link.

With that in mind, here’s how to make $100 in one day – actually, in a matter of minutes:

  • Swagbucks: $5 welcome bonus + $3 for each referral + 10% of whatever your friend earns forever
  • InboxDollars (an app for making money by playing games, doing surveys and more): $5 welcome bonus + $1 for each referral + 30% of whatever your friend earns
  • Ibotta: $20 welcome bonus + $5 for each referral
  • Rakuten (another really good app for getting cashback on your shopping): $10 welcome bonus + $25 for each referral

All you need to do is SIGN UP !!

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6. Become en English Tutor

Teaching English online can be a really lucrative side hustle, letting you earn up to $22 an hour – with all the materials and other preparations done for you!

All you need is a Bachelor’s degree in any field and some sort of training experience. This can include anything from tutoring or coaching to mentoring or running a group like a Scout pack or church group.

VIPKid is particularly well known for this. You’ll be teaching English to students in China from the comfort of your own home, similar to a Skype call.

English Teaching PlatformsWebsites
Amazing Talkerhttps://en.amazingtalker.com/
Class 100https://en.class100.com/

This means that you only need to do a few sessions, making it easy to see how to make $100 a day from your online tutoring job with this strategy. You’re even free to do lessons several times per week to really increase your earnings.

7. Get Paid to Test New Products

How do you feel about getting to test the newest tech releases – and getting to keep the product that you review? With ProductTestingUSA, you can do exactly that. For example, take a look at some of the items you can test at the time that I was writing this article:

examples of products that people can test for how to make quick money in one day

As you can see, these items are worth way more than $100.

You can also take advantage of a number of mystery shopping opportunities through this site. Right now, for example, they’ll send you a $200 gift card to buy whatever you want at TJ Maxx and provide a review of your experience.

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